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Friends and Business

Posted on: April 2, 2010

Beatrice: So yesterday a friend of mine asked me to go into business with her, and I have to find a way to say no. Do you think going into business with friends is risky? She wants to open that paint store, and I really love the place but have no interest in starting up a business like that.

Lila: Are you talking about Ann and the Canvas and Cocktails thing? I think starting a business is hard. I think it is even harder to start a business with a friend because money is dependant on it. Any time you involve money it is hard. What we are doing is different. We are not investing our personal money into it. We are just sharing what we normally do anyway. It takes the strain off on the friendship.

B: Yes I am referring to her. I love her to death, but I know when we worked together in High School we had troubles, and while we are a lot older and wiser, I don’t think it would be a smart move. If our husbands were close it may be something to consider. I think I might help her with research, but that is as far as I would take it.

I agree this is totally different in a way of business together, just a gabfest for our own likes. Oh and it is a way to share randomness.

L: I don’t know everything about your relationship but you can’t go into business with someone that you were willing to write off a few months ago. That would be crazy. I mean you are talking about real money and a real relationship. Yeah you have a good chance of being successful, but you don’t even trust her to be honest with you. That’s just crazy talk.

B: Exactly, not to mention she told me several months ago that she was looking into starting this up, and it was as though she already had a business partner, and now I am the last hope.

So, I went to the store this morning to buy our Easter ham and side dishes, and while I was there I saw two magazines regarding Sandra Bullock and how she may have known about Jesse James infidelities the first years of their marriage. A picture of him in a Nazi salute finally came out. He is such a loser. I hope she walks away and never gives him the time of day. Apparently he went to rehab and really wants to save this marriage.

L: That’s exactly what I thought. She did not include you into the scenario when she decided she wanted to open the store. And now she wants you to be involved? It’s all so fishy. Just tell her you guys cannot afford a business venture like this because you are looking to buy a new house.

Jesse James is a d-bag. I really did believe he was a better person than that. I was hoping that people can change, but I guess I was wrong.


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