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Protecting Our Kids

Posted on: April 5, 2010

Beatrice:     Last night Toolman and I were discussing the fact that our children will be going to school where they have access to so many means of technology, and how do you protect them and do the schools monitor it. We started talking about it because of all the media reports of these young kids being arrested and may face major jail time due to cyber bullying, texting abuse that leads to beatdowns, etc.

We weren’t raised with this stuff, and I wonder how we as parents protect our children and how the schools protect the student body. All quite scary.

Lila:     It’s a scary world out there. We have terrorists, environmental hazards, pedofiles. All sorts of craziness. Sometimes I think we are crazy for bringing a child into this world.

Beyond the regular parental controls, I think we just have to stay on top of things. Know the technology better than them. Know their passwords so you can check everything they do. It’s all so crazy.

B:     I believe we need to know the technology better, but I do want to know the school rules on what the kids can use. Why are schools allowing kids to use their phones to text while in class? Or do they? Of course we can not leave the rules up to the schools. All of this has me thinking and it is a lot to be nervous about.

Bullying is no longer name calling and physical face to face stuff, it can be in the form of texting and online. ARG!!

L:     Just be glad our kids are not there yet. Hopefully things will be better when they get to that age.

My 11 year old niece has had a cellphone since she was 10 years old. She texts and everything. I think what they do is set a specific time when she can use it. There are no second chances with her. Both of my nieces have TVs and laptops of their own. My brother is in the tech business so he makes it a point to see what it is they are doing all the time.

What ever it will be like in the future, I figure I can just learn it from you.

B:     You can learn from me, but I will need to learn the know hows and alls of the technology from you.


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