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Why Would They Stay Together?

Posted on: April 5, 2010

Lila:     Hey. How was your weekend?
I am sure you have read about how moving trucks showed up at the old home of Sandra Bullock’s and Jesse James home. I am sure Sandra will never forgive him for his cheating. It’s totally different from the Tiger Wood’s thing. Sandra is more powerful than Jesse and she does not need him to maintain her lifestyle. Elin was a nanny before she met Tiger. She is at his mercy, sort of. I think that is how you can figure out if someone will stay of leave. Who did it and did they outrank their spouse? Don’t you think?
 Beatrice:     I think it has more to do with children being involved. Sandra has no kids to worry about with his staying or going. The step kids do not count, since there are mothers involved. Elin has very young children, and I think she will leave him eventually but will try to get some means of norm just for the kids sake. I would bet she is over the marriage, but playing somewhat house with him until the children are a little older.

L:     Well that is silly. Why would you, as a jilted woman, want to stay with someone who habitually cheats on you? What kind of self-image are you portraying to your children? I think Elin probably has an agreement with Tiger where she promises to stay married to him for few years. She would be just fine without him and a lot of his money. I think she is too weak to walk away.

B:     It may be silly, but it is common. I am not saying I would do this, but I know of a lot of situations where they do not leave only because of the kids. I can think of my Aunt as a great example, and she did no favors to the girls, since they are a wreck.

I do however think money is often the case for the normal public, not in the case of these two women, where money is not an issue. A stay at home mom may not leave because she is so reliant on the husband’s income.

L:     Money controls a lot of things. Have you read about all those people who refuse to divorce because it costs too much in the long run.
B:     I have read about those people, and can not imagine. I had a neighbor growing up that lived together but separated. The husband lived in the basement while the wife and kids lived upstairs. They ended up being best of friends, but dated outside the marriage. They never divorced because of the amount of money at stake. The wife came from money and was the breadwinner, so she would have had to pay him to leave. I use to hear my parents talk about it. I think Dutchess Fergie lives like this too, but in opposite ends of a castle.
L:     Really? Fergie is still married?

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