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50 is the Next 40

Posted on: April 8, 2010

Lila:     I was just over at Wells Fargo to do some stuff and the teller said something that was like a back-handed slap. He was telling me about how he had a roommate when he was 17 who was Vietnamese. He said he was not “a kid.” I quipped back that he was indeed “a kid” when he was 17. He said they thought of themselves as an adult, but he can see how, by my standards, that he could have been considered “a kid.” My standards? Like as if I am so old, everyone can be considered that. What? LOL!!! I felt old.

Beatrice:     Weird. People say the strangest things. Kind of like Sarah who thought I was so old when I turned 30. I told her I felt sorry for her, because when she turns 30, 4 years later she will be “so old” seeing how she thinks of it that way. Age is only a number. Look at Gam who is 109 soon to be 110. Now that is old, but when she was 35 she only had been alive a third of her lifespan.

L:     But Gam wants to die now. I don’t want to live that long. I think the problem with that guys comment was that he brought me down to earth. I don’t feel too old and I don’t think I look too old. That is the sad part. When the world loves youth and beauty, it’s hard to accept that I am not young anymore nor as pretty as I was before.

B:     Who wouldn’t want to die at the age of 109 and has no quality of life. I don’t pay attention to all that age stuff for the most part. I look at my parents who I think look great for age 63, and I figure I am going to go along the same line. I think as a parent you have to set the example as aging is normal and actually beautiful in it’s own right.

Don’t get me wrong I grimace at some of my lines, but they are lines from my life long expressions, and there is really nothing I can do about it.

L:     It’s funny, when I was in my 20s, I thought 30-something was old. But now I am in my 30s, I don’t consider someone as being old unless they are in their 50s. Hopefully my viewpoint will change when I get closer to 50. I think when you are in your 20s, everyone else is old.

B:     I use to think about the 30’s as the time that I would be settled, with my marriage, kids, and dream job. Most of it is right. Never really thought about the 30’s as old, since growing up you were taught the age of 40 is when you start going “down hill”. Times are different and 50 is the old 40.

L:     That’s why I picked 50.

B:     According to Oprah, 50 has been her best years.


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