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Tipped Under 200

Posted on: April 8, 2010

Beatrice:     So Toolman’s family is in town from Idaho. He has such a bizarre family. We set up a time for them all to come over and then we would serve dinner. His mother has been entertaining an adult grandson of hers and his wife. They all went to the zoo yesterday, which was a 5 hour ordeal and the grandson stated Toolman’s mother sat most of the time. I guess that means she can’t take our kids there. All of these people are pushing 300 plus pounds.

We made shish kabobs, sherry rice and for dessert chocolate covered strawberries. I am extremely tired today and all I can say is I am glad we don’t see his family all that often.

Lila:     Did they go home hungry?


That is so sad. I think your mother-in-law is a very nice person, with good intentions, but she has totally forgotten about taking care of herself. She better be careful. Taking care of your health is just as important as enjoying it. I don’t understand how they can allow themselves to get that big and out of shape.

I bet they would eat this:  see link above

B:     They complained that they were starving before we were even done getting it all put together. At the end of the night she asked Toolman to tie her shoes because she can not reach her feet. She actually thinks of herself as cute, not embarrassed but cute. Totally irks me.

L:     LOL!!! I think at some point, they just give up. They give up on trying to stay healthy. They give up on doing things for themselves. Food is an addiction. I think they just say to themselves, “I am big. I am addicted to food. Deal with it.” As outsiders, all we can do is gawk. Just like we do when the girl gets so drunk, she starts doing the embarrassing things. We gawk. Why do you think The Biggest Loser is such a popular TV show. It allows us to see the mess that they have become.

B:    Funny you mention the Biggest Loser, because after the Dancing with the Stars we turned it on as they were weighing in. My mother in law, looks at me and says I remember when the scale finally tipped under 200 and how great that felt. I didn’t react and even pretended to not hear her, because I don’t think she has been under 200 pounds ever in her adult life. Then her grandson’s wife, started making rude remarks about skinny people.

When I first met Toolman, he had some major habits which surround food. He thinks it is appropriate to drown your food in ranch, and he would cook too much food in the morning so that he can snack on it all day, but still fit in other meals on top of it all. It all comes down to lifestyle. He drank whole milk, and now he is very health conscious only because that is how I was raised and live.

L:    OMG!! That is crazy. How can you be thrilled about that? I know it is not attractive to be super skinny, but why would you want to be morbidly obese. She is messed up in the head. Thank goodness Toolman sees the light.

Oliver use to eat pretty poorly as well. He was raised in a household where they would always add butter to everything. They would add butter to butter croissants. He would drown his pancakes and waffles in maple syrup. After hanging out with me, he realized those habits are not healthy. He had to at least try to live a healthy lifestyle.

I think your mother-in-law does not even believe in trying.

B:    My mother in law even received gastric bypass, and did okay for a few months, but then gained it all back and then some. She has even stated that she thought she would get the surgery and become super skinny without any effort. She never realized your body can retrain itself to accept all the food. I do believe it is more a mental issue.

L:     So sad.

B:     I am breaking the cycle with my children. My children will not be like his family


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