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Craptastic Week

Posted on: April 11, 2010

Beatrice:     So this week has been less than stellar, although not awful, so I was thinking what word would sum it up and I came up with “craptastic”.

First my daughter, E’claire, gets sick and is throwing up about 10 times in one day and up every hour that night. Thankfully our son, Brody did not get it, however both me and my husband did. Then Thursday I look up our banking account online and see that Toolman’s company paid him a rather large sum of money. I call him to ask what it is about to only give him a head’s up that he will be laid off that day. Not to mention just a couple of days ago I was thinking, wow we really are lucky that we did so well thru the recession and that we both have our jobs, and how others out there are not so fortunate. Just to have this event kink that thought process.

This is not the worst thing in life and we are all still whole, but will never the less change our thinking and doings in life.

Lila:     I know your week was “craptastic,” but it looks like things will work out. You two have planned well and think of it as a new opportunity. As for E’claire, poor thing. Kids are alway getting sick. I think we are all due for that kind of week.

B:     Just found out that my mom now has what E’claire has, so the saga of the stomach flu continues. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

As far as layoffs go, it is scary to not wake up in the morning to have a job to go to. I am sure that is why Toolman is thinking, but come Monday he will be working at getting his stuff together and to get his name out on the street. He will be forwarding his info to a head hunter that constantly calls him and hope that can help. The unknown is scary but kind of exciting.

L:     Has he thought about taking some time off before entering back into the workforce? A break may be nice and invigorating. But then again, I would get antsy and start looking. Nevertheless, a change like that makes you really reevaluate your priorities. You know we work so hard and then get treated like $hit totally sucks. Will he change his attitude for the next job? Probably not. Drive and ambition is innate. Toolman is definitely both.

B:     I don’t think he is thinking break mode, but he will probably be forced to for a while. In a matter of one day he has already cleaned out the garage and a storage room in the basement. He is already talking about sending in the resumes and headhunters come early Monday morning.

L:     I think he will be back to work in no time. You might want to give him a list of things you want fixed in the meantime. Lol!

B:     I will definitely give him a list and his mom has one too I am sure. He already stated that he wants to get some yard work done, and then get over to his mom’s home to fix something on her roof.

He took the kids to his best friend’s 4 year olds birthday party yesterday and spoke to a guy with a really great lead. Something that sounds really promising. He also said he is sick of people asking him what he is going to do? He made a comment that it has only been two days, and what the heck do you think I am going to do. I am going to file unemployment, get my name and resume out there, and network network network.

I guess it really boils down to people making those comments because most people think losing a job is the worst thing that can happen to someone.

L:     Yeah, most people would freak out if they lost their job.


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