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Doomed to be Our Mothers

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Lila:     Did I tell you that my mom is here to help me watch Thomas while Oliver is away on his boys trip? I don’t know what it is about her, but she drives me crazy. I understand that she is older and does not like things that are unfamiliar, but she does not even try to do what we do. It makes things so much harder. When she does agree to go out with us, she walks 5 feet behind us and I am constantly asking her to hurry up. Then she just sits there, not trying to fit in at all. It’s like I have another kid to watch over. I know I need to be patient, but wow…she is really testing me. Oh and I did not even mention some of her crazy old school comments. 

Beatrice:     My mom drives me crazy too. They do things their own way and I guess since they are the elders we are to assume to get along with it all. Did her mom act this way? Does she seem to do things they way she did when you were all little? 

I have noticed that my mom does things with my kids that are totally opposite of how she was with my brother and me. I sometimes feel a little envious at what she does with them and what she didn’t do with us. 

L:     I think it is totally different once they have grandkids. Their responsibilities are different and they treat the kids differently. 

But yes, my mother does the same thing. And because she is not getting her way, she mopes. It is so ridiculous. I guess I can see her point, but geez…I wish she would try it my way. 

B:     I am sure I have hurt my mom’s feelings numerous times, but for the most part since she watches the kids 3 days out of the week, she has finally found her own routine that suits us all. 

I guess just be patient and thankful Thomas loves his grandma. 🙂 

L:      I think that is the difference. My mom comes every few months and compromising does not work well. We have to do what is convenient for us and she has to adapt. That is just how it has to be. But she comes in with her thoughts and it drives me crazy. It even pushes Oliver to the edge and that takes a lot. Her thoughts are even crazier than most because they are the old school beliefs. So crazy. 

B:     I think this will be an ongoing issue between mothers and daughters. My mom irks me in other ways. For instance, she tells my entire doings and always has to all of her friends and family. I can remember when I would be coming upstairs and she would be on the phone whispering about me and what I was up to. People would come over and she would tell them everything that I did not want anyone to know. Kind of like the layoff with Toolman last week. My mom and I went to Canvas and Cocktails last night with 3 of my girl cousins and an Aunt, and all of them already knew the news before I could tell them how it all went down.

 L:     *sigh* Do you think our kids will be irritated by us like we are of our mothers?

B:     I guess I hope so, it is all out of love. I would love to have all the opportunities to be with my own children and their children like my parents and your mom do right now.


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