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Sucky Managers

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Beatrice:     Why do Corporations have so many crappy managers? Here it is tax deadline week and my group is working major overtime, while the managers come in and leave like it is any other day. Last night I had a lady threaten a lawsuit over our handling of something she wanted to execute. She demanded to speak to a director level manager, and at 15 minutes till 6:00PM, we had not one manager still around. A good set of managers would be around during this time of year and work right along with us doing overtime.

Lila:     That totally sucks. Sometimes I feel like that the higher the food chain they get, the less they care. At least they only care about themselves.

You’ve brought up a subject matter that struck a nerve for me because yesterday my manager told me that a VP ratted on me and told my VP about my internet usage. First of all, she is never in the office to even judge. And when she is in the office, she just shuts the door so no one bothers her. Heaven forbid we are talking while she is on a call. She’ll bust through her office door and tell us all to keep it down. And it’s not like she is more important than anyone else.

The bottom line, the moment they become part of management, they get haughty. Actually, those who aspire to achieve this status are already sucky people.

B:     You would think people would become managers so they can do good for people, or because they have compassion for others. This is just not the case 90% of the time. I have only had one really great manager.

I think higher-ups are the worst offenders of internet usage. Every time I walk by my VP’s office he is on Facebook. I have another manager who watched You Tube clips all day. I am willing to bet that is what you VP that is holed up in an office all day long does.

L:     Like I mentioned, the higher up in the food chain, the worse they are. My VP sucks as well. Unlike your hopes for managers, he is not compassionate nor understanding. He only cares about himself and the only time he pays attention to you is when you pretend to like his stuff. All if it is too much.

That’s why I want us to succeed so badly. We can’t work for the man. We need to do things for ourselves.

B:     I agree, need to work for thyself. We are working on it.

Another thing that happened was on this past Saturday. It was my teams weekend to work and our manager wanted to have a get together afterwards somewhere in Downtown. So we all agreed that would be fun. Our manager never showed up to work, but made sure he was there for happy hour. I was telling a colleague that I really didn’t want to attend seeing how I will be the only girl, and typically not a good thing to subject yourself to. I went anyway, and this same colleague came in yesterday and said “now I know what you meant by not wanting to subject yourself to happy hour as the only girl in a group of men.” Because our manager was very inappropriate and brought up things he would not had I not been there.

L:     I think that is horrible. I think if your team has to be there, then so should the manager. I think the company just promotes people without really looking at the quality of the individual who is going to lead.

I was so mad yesterday, I wanted to drop off a note on her desk to let her know she was a joke of an individual. Most of these managers suck and they will throw you under the bus.

B:     Yes they are all for the most part a big joke, and yes they all do throw others under the bus. We have three managers that spend most of their day talking about people, and since they don’t have offices we can all hear them. Some of my colleagues have yelled out things like, “unprofessional” and “useless bodies earning income”.

Either we find ways to work for ourselves or win the lottery so we can kiss the jobs goodbye and go out letting them know they all suck. Toolman had the best example of how much they don’t care about you, just last week.

L:     Hey, I have been in Toolman’s position. It sucks when you reflect on what you mean to them.

B:     Definitely a reminder of who really cares about you, and it AIN’T Corporate America!


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