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Don’t Let Her Adopt Another Child

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Lila:     Have you heard about the mother who sent her adopted son back to Russia with just a note? She’s a real winner. The kid may have been a handfull, but that does not give her the right to treat the child like a dog. I can’t believe the audacity. Did she not think about how the child would feel? And then to hear that she wanted to adopt another kid. She has no heart.

Beatrice:     Yes, she is a monster. I was watching the Today Show this morning and the pictures of this poor little child. Talk about a way to destroy a child. How will he resume a normal life with all he has been thru and now his adoptive parent wants him gone too?

I guess she released a statement saying, either charge me with a crime or leave me alone. She is the epitome of self centered. NO heart is right.

L:     I just could not believe that she wants another kid to adopt. It’s like the Octo-Mom all over again. I hate to say this, but some women should be banned from taking care of kids. Maybe I don’t know the whole story, but what kind of heartless person sends a 7 year old on the plane, by himself? And why would she think other people are responsible for taking care of him? It’s so wrong on so many levels.

B:     She is probably capable of doing so much more than we really know. You have to wonder if he was abused by her, because sending a kid on a plane not knowing the other individual who was responsible for picking him up in Russia is a form of a abuse in itself. How did she know she wasn’t hiring a pedofile to pick him up, or a serial killer. She needs to go to jail for child abuse, and I seriously doubt she will ever be granted another adoption.

Some women are just not suitable to have children.

L:     It makes me so mad because I know so many wonderful, caring people who want to have a child so badly, but can’t. And then someone like Torry Hanson shows up and acts like she is entitled to have a perfect child.

B:     I honestly think she must be a really stupid women, because who would not know that if you adopt a child from an orphanage, where he was 5 or 6 and lived there his entire young life that he would not have some issues. It was her responsibility to nurture this child and if he needs therapy, then damn it he would be worth the fight to get it.

L:     I know. Any child can have issues, but as a mother, you get help and work through it. You just can’t give up on the child. Can you imagine how this little kid will feel now? Poor thing thinks the whole world has abandon him. I hope someone will come in and love him, like in The Blind Side. Why didn’t she report something was wrong when someone came to check on her? Don’t you just want to ask her what the heck she was thinking?

B:     I think a lot of people are wanting answers, and she is so self righteous that she feels no need to explain.

L:     Where does that mentality come from? Her own mother was the one who dropped off the kid. As a mother, wouldn’t you talk to your daughter out of it?

B:     Who knows it is all too scary. I wonder if we are the norm in thinking she is a complete monster, or if most people think she did right by him.


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