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New Opportunities

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Beatrice:      So, Toolman met with the Sprouts owner who flew out here from Phoenix to discuss brining Toolman on as an Owner’s Rep, which would mean moving to Arizona. If the price is right he will consider it. He was offered a job by them last year, and they really like him so it may be a great opportunity. Then they gave him four other companies and the owners for which they will make something happen for him if he is not really game on moving. He is going to put in all the resumes today and contact these people and see what the best fit would be. I am really excited for him. I wouldn’t even mind moving there, because there is an office in AZ and if we can make it work I may be able to transfer there. We talked about it briefly on my way to work where he can go out there first for a few months to see if it is the right fit, before uprooting us all. I really feel like good stuff is in the horizon.

Lila:     Arizona? I don’t want you to move. I understand you guys will do what you have to do, but Arizona? We’ll never see each other. I am just reacting for my own selfish needs.

B:     Trust me, it would be hard, but it may only be a year or two. This is so early on in the game to really say what will happen, and you never know they may keep him out there for a short while until he gets his feet wet. We shall see what they come back with for an offer. I am just thrilled that he has options and I am sure has lifted his spirits.

L:     He knew he had other opportunities. I mean Sprouts pulled out the moment they heard he was no longer with the company. He is totally in the driver’s seat.
What if the offer is so good that you don’t have to work, what would you do then?

B:     We would take it and I would find something fun to transition to. I don’t think this will be the case. Toolman told me he is glad I am excited but to not get all worked up until it is official. He doesn’t get that I am just thrilled that his hard work and good work ethic is being noticed. It hasn’t even been a week since he was laid off and he may already have found the job offer he can’t refuse.

L:     He should definitely use the momentum for his own benefit. When we got laid off, we have a new job within a month and then took the time off to do things like travel. It was so ideal because our relationship was just budding and we had each other to keep company. That time was priceless.
I see you working at some garden center.

B:     I would love to work at the garden place, but don’t know a thing about Arizona vegetation.

L:     It will be like a new career for you.


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