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Can Bella and Jacob Really be Friends?

Posted on: April 16, 2010

Beatrice:     So when does the next Twilight movie come out? I feel like it is time to read the books again, but I fear picking them up because Twilight makes me kind of crazy. Like I will read and want to ignore the world around me. I can not seriously think of any other series of books that would have such an impact on women? Brings back good feelings and makes you think of past and present relationships.

Lila:     June 30th. Mark your calendar. You are going to take a half day and come see it with me.

It’s so exciting. I can’t believe a set of books can elicit such strong feelings for me. It’s crazy. I don’t see myself as Bella at all, but I am so enthralled by what is going to happen next. I think I will have to reread Eclipse again before the movie comes out. It is my least favorite book, but I can’t help myself. You know me, I love to hate.

B:     Lila, I already have this day off, but we will be in Breckenridge. I just might have to come down that day just to see the movie and then drive back up. Toolman, will for sure think I am crazy! Ha ha!

See I need to reread all of them just because I can’t remember Eclipse like I want to. I remember when you came to tell me how New Moon made you mad, and I was just at the beginning of the book. You went back down to your desk so I immediately picked the book up and sat there all day and read. I started crying when he left her in the woods. All the guys at work thought that I had lost it. It brought back so many memories of first loves and loves lost.

L:     Eclipse was annoying. I spent the whole time annoyed with Bella. I kept thinking what the heck is wrong with this girl, stringing along Jacob? You can’t have it all. I kept having to tell myself that she’s young, she does not know any better.

B:     I didn’t see it that way. I felt like she made it clear to him that she was still in love with Edward and only had love for Jacob in a friendship way. She knew where he stood and he knew where she stood. I really liked their relationship. Which begs the question, can a relationship really exist like this in real life? Most women would say yes, but most know that a man will not have a relationship like this with you thinking purely platonic. I don’t think men are capable of it.

L:     How can it be platonic if she admitted to being in love with him? And she kissed and felt something. She truly had feelings for him.
Men and women can’t be friends without sex being involved. It’s just biology. Once you get that out of the way, then maybe a “friendship” can develop, but highly unlikely.

B:     I never heard her say she loved him without then following it by saying it isn’t the same way she loved Edward. She does love him, but not the way Jacob loves her.

I don’t think men are interested in being friends with women. It is not in their DNA.

L:      Nope. Here’s one admission. Page 597 –

“I think it’s too late for that, Jake. How can we be friends, when we love each other like this?”

Seems pretty clear her feelings for Jacob is more than just as a best friend.

B:      I don’t remember this, and I can not believe you have a page number to reference. LMAO.

L:     Lol! Of course you don’t remember it. You were anxiously awaiting the naughty scene in Breaking Dawn. You can check my factoid. It’s accurate.

B:     You got me there. The naughty scene in Breaking Dawn was worth reading several dozen times.


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