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Are They Too Young to Date?

Posted on: April 17, 2010

Lila:     I have been reading about how my 11 year old niece has been getting visits from male admirers. Her mom has been posting how her dad scares the boys away on Facebook. Then I ask her about what was going on and she’s just laughing. She thinks it is so funny that her big, strong dad is scaring away boys. LOL! Anyway, it makes me wonder, when would be a good age for a child to start dating?

Beatrice:     I think the answer depends on the child, however I think it may be around 14. I cringe at the idea now that we have children of our own.

L:     Oliver and I talked about this and we agreed that maybe a chaperoned date is okay before 14. We would take them to the movies, etc. I think if you do not guide them along during this time period, it causes them to sneak around. I don’t want Thomas to do that. I want him to be able to talk to me.

B:     That seems to be a good idea. Toolman and I have never really discussed it. I have a secret thought process that I hope Brody is the one to date lots of girls and not get hooked on any one in particular, and hope that E’claire has a pick of the litter but not really all that interested. I guess it is all too scary to think through. Not to far away though for Brody since he is already 5 and crushing on little preschool girls.

L:     We got this idea because our friends let their daughter date when she was 11. We thought it was super crazy, but when we saw them interact with each other, I had a new-found respect. They were so polite and sweet and down to earth. It just made so much sense. And she is a pre-teen.

I don’t want to think about the things kids go through these days. Scary.

B:     I still think it will all depend on the child and how they are in general. If E’claire stays the way she is now, she will not be dating until she is in college. She is already scary at 3. Ugg!! Brody is a little charmer, but I hope he won’t be the type to let the girl walk all over him. So, I have some work to do in making sure he doesn’t go there. I can see Toolman as the type to tease them about their love interests. I wonder how that would go over?

L:     I feel bad for the little boys who have to face fathers. What are you going to do when E’claire wants to date?

B:     I will have to approach that when the time comes. It is interesting how different she is from her brother. Must be a boy girl thing, but Brody noticed girls at a very very young age, and would tell me he thought they were pretty or that he was in “love” with them. This started when he was barely 3. E’claire on the other hand finds boys repulsive, and is too much into herself and being a princess. So it will be interesting to see when that side of her switches. I think there is something so innocent about their first crush.

L:     I like things the way they are right now. Thomas thinks I am the most wonderful and important person in his life. My heart will break a little when he begins to like other girls.

B:     Overall the pre-teen and teenage years are going to be tough to watch. I often think how much they love me and at some point they will not want to hug or kiss me and will even talk back and roll their eyes at me. UGG!


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