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He’ll Cheat on You Again

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Lila:     So I am sitting here reading about how Mel Gibson’s recent break up and I think to myself, do these supposed “other women” actually think it will work out for them? To me once a cheater, always a cheater. If he did it with you, he would do it again with someone else. To me, the mistresses of these rich men are only looking for money. It’s just another form of prostitution. But once they get old, the men will leave them, like they did with their exes, and find someone younger. As a mistress, I hope they are smart enough to save some of the money for their retirement.

Beatrice:     These women are not smart. If the relationship is started on deceit it will never work. I do think these women are out for money and most have no self-esteem and think these high-profile guys will make them worthy of something.

L:     You know how my friend, Shelby, got married and divorced and remarried in less than 2 years. She and current husband were having an affair when she was still married with her first husband. Lies. And then while they were dating, he cheated on her again. Why would you marry someone who has a history like that? And now she wonders why it is not working out as planned.

B:     That is really sad, but you have to wonder if people like Shelby get in relationships that are doomed to fail on purpose. Did she have issues in her childhood, father issues? You read that most women who are strippers or prostitutes have daddy issues or even had horrible things happen to them sexually as children. These are usually the thoughts I have when I read about strippers/hookers and it can be the same case with those who seek out married men.

L:     Holy cow! You nailed it. Her dad was gone from her life for a few years. Her mother was very resentful about being abandon and hated men. Even though Shelby was a teenager when that happened, she still harbors ill feelings for men. Wow, you’re good.

B:     Well I did minor in Psychology, however one of my college friends decided to become a stripper in a popular downtown strip club. She even decided to make money in other ways, where she basically sold herself to men. I asked her one time what she was doing and she told me all sorts of things that happened to her as a child, which involved her dad. She even brought her stripper friends into the conversation which then made it clear that they all had similar stories. Most of them hate men!

L:     Women who go for unavailable men, believing this guy is different, do have some sort of issue. Who knows what? But they should not be surprised when they get cheated on.


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