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Tea Party for Haters

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Beatrice:     So, is it just me or is there somewhat of a racist party stomping around the USA trying to pose as a group who care about taxes and politics? I am referring to the Tea Party. I don’t understand this group, but from what I have read and watch on the news, they seem to be ultra conservative and placing blame on Obama about things that took place long before he was even in office. I am not into politics at all, but when you see people you know are questionable ethically, leading the movement and the same people who are part of the Fox network, one has to question their intentions.

Lila:     I agree. Sometimes when I watch the news, I am shocked by their antics and beliefs. I think this group, much like the Muslim extremists, hide behind the veil of ignorance, anger, and fear. I cannot believe they still question the President’s birth certificate. That seems so ridiculous to me. I understand that the times are tough, but maybe they should stop blaming people and start doing something to help the economy. And don’t get me started on Palin. I think she is the poster child for ignorance. Every time she speaks, I cringe.

B:     Palin does not represent most women and I agree, her voice is something to cringe at, as well as her presentations. UGG!! Toolman has a close friend who participates in this and he is all of a sudden Mr. Republican and ultra conservative. Totally opposite of his personality. I just don’t get it.

L:     The Republican Party is even distancing themselves from the group. I think any time you have someone who is super passionate about something, that’s when you begin to see a problem. They get blinded by their beliefs and start to hate. I believe in being passionate, but not to the point where you cannot see the other side. These Tea Party followers are scared. They are scared about being forgotten and not heard. We hear them loud and clear. They just sound stupid though. Who started that group anyway?

B:     I have no idea who started the group, but I would never join a group that carries posters of Obama or anyone in a racist way. I would never join a group that promotes prejudices.  They seem to be taking our country back 50 plus years!

L:     I would not either. I don’t want to be part of something that promotes hate, whether it be overtly or by chance. They seem like such an angry, cynical bunch.

B:     Any of the interviews I have watched, the people involved are so angry and passionate over their constitutional rights, which I still haven’t figured out how their constitutional rights are being threatened. They are arguing that taxes have increased but are in fact at their lowest levels in many decades. I guess I should ask one of these tea party goers what they are there for.  So what are they for?


2 Responses to "Tea Party for Haters"

My mother likes Glenn Beck. My sister really thinks, finally, she has a voice in Sarah Palin. My good friend didn’t care about the way Washington worked under Bush, but now all of a sudden protesting is cool. Its the Bible belt. People I know from my small home town are paranoid Obama is taking their guns. Not one person, my Mom, sister or friend can give me anything like proof for their arguments beyond, “Glenn Beck said…”. I could scream.

Dinners around your household must be interesting. B and I believe in freedom of speech, and they can voice all the opinions they want. That’s why we blog what we do. But we think preaching anger and hate does not get us anywhere. The Tea Party people preach anger and racism. And Sarah Palin preaches that ignorance can get you far in life. I cannot believe all the stupid women who wanted to vote for her becuase Hilary did not win the nomination. That’s a vote based on the real isssues. Glenn Beck believes he is always right and who cares about everyone else. No one is perfect, but I feel for Obama every time I watch him. He has a lot of cleaning up to do.

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