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That Homeless Guy Has More Money Than You

Posted on: April 21, 2010

Beatrice:     So today I was talking to a client on the phone and at the end of the conversation he said “I hope you have a wonderful life and do all it is you inspire yourself to do.” I was totally taken back by this and actually got a little emotional. He is an 84-year-old man, but something about the exchange told me it was a message from above. Sounds wacky, but it is the 3rd time this type of thing happened to me in the past two weeks. I told Toolman that God comes to you in very special ways, and you can not ignore His messages. I am not a very religious person, although was raised with a Reverend for a father, and have learned to take in those moments with a lot of reflection. Really made my day.

Lila:     That is a good way to start your morning. You should alway heed the signs, especially if they are consistent. I believe in signs. I really do.

As for me, I started this morning a little differently. I looked over when I was at a stoplight and saw a homeless guy pushing a cart, and he was wearing a PIG SNOUT on his nose. Obviously someone saw a different sign. Lol!!!

B:     I saw the same guy at the same corner and wondered what in the world he was thinking. I guess you must have fun begging for money.

This week should be a good one. Tax season is over and more project work to be done. No more overtime so I can actually spend more quality time at home with Toolman and the kiddos. We may actually hear some news on offers for Toolman.

L:     I wonder if he gets more help for being funny. I wish I had taken a picture of him to share. It got my attention. Do you ever wonder how they got there to begin with? Didn’t they see the signs to get help?

Since this recession, I have seen some crazy homeless signs. One guy wrote, “Need money for a hooker. Not drugs and alcohol.” Sometimes I don’t even think they are homeless. My tell-tale sign is if their shoes are clean. They are just trying to get tax-free money. I never give them money, but I am sure they get enough to keep doing it everyday.

Good for you guys. Sounds like Toolman will have to get back to work soon.

B:     I think the majority of true homeless people have mental issues, and I believe this has been founded over and over. Most are living with schizophrenia or other mental disorders. I think their “signs” are totally skewed. I do think their a very small percentage that would beg for money who have other means of getting it like work, however they have maybe drug issues. I am guilty of giving homeless people money. Although, when I was a teller at a bank in college life, there was a guy who we would see on 16th street mall begging for money and every day he would come in and deposit it into his account. He had two accounts with us and both had over $100K a piece. I do not think this is the norm.

L:     I do think there are a large percentage of homeless people who have a mental illness or a drug habit, but there is growing population of people who do it just for regular income. I have seen reports where they can make $300/day and that is after tax money. Let’s do the math. If they make just $100/day, 365 days a year, that’s $36,500. If you think about it before taxes, that’s $50,000. That’s a lot of money. I am just saying the guy with the pig nose may be a real sick homeless guy, but the guy with the clean shoes and jacket has a business plan.

B:     Oh I know it is true for a small bunch. I know that there is a lady who gets dropped off every morning in downtown by her husband who asks for money. Her husband is very well put together and drives a nice car, while she goes out asking for money. She is the one who whispers right in your ear and claims she needs money for a bus. I saw her in Boulder a month or so ago doing the same thing. I wonder how much she makes, because she is still doing it and obviously it is working for her.

L:     That’s why I don’t give them money. I give it to the organizations that take care of them, when they are ready to get the help. No need to keep enabling them because they’ll never learn that way.

B:     I am a sucker for both. I use to be the college kid walking through campus that would get all types stopping me to sell things, ask for money, you name it.


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