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I’d Get Them Bigger Than That

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Lila:     Why is everyone so focused on Kate Hudson’s breasts? She is free to do whatever she wants. If she has lived a lifetime with small ones and then decides she wants bigger ones, go for it. The poor girl is feeling insecure about her body and if this makes her feel better, then I am all for it. I know how she feels. I, too, am flat chested and would love to get a change. She is also probably feeling the effects of being 31 years old and watching one relationship fail after another cannot be good for her morale. People are so hard on women and what we define is beautiful.

Beatrice:     I made a comment on TMZ’s report about her supposed change. She went from a negative to an A-, if at all. I think people are ready to critique these women because they go out of their way to be photographed and are on magazines with tons of photo shop. I do agree that women are too hard on one another, and we need to be supportive of each other instead!

L:     I can see why she is in the spotlight because she has commented, in the past, about how she is okay with the small ones. Now when things are not looking so “perky,” she augments them. It must be so hard to be in the spotlight all the time.

B:     Some people crave the attention. Why is it that some celebrities are never in pictures and gossip columns, and then there are some like Kate Hudson who are in on a weekly basis. They do not know life without it and they crave the attention. Some believe this helps their career. Lindsay Lohan on the other hand has destroyed her career and should stay out of the spotlight.

L:     No kidding. You never see Julia Roberts every week. You never see George Clooney every week. And they are way bigger stars than Kate. But at the same time, it is so tough for these celebrities to go through changes in public. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

B:     I don’t feel sorry for these people. Not even a bit. I feel only slightly bad for the one’s who want privacy and stay out the public eye, just to have something blow up in their face.

L:     I guess. I don’t feel sorry for people like Heidi Montag, but in Kate’s scenario, it’s different. She did not get them grossly enlarged. She just needed a little help. Now everyone is staring at her chest. But at the same time, readers like us love dirt like that.

B:     It is really hard to even tell if she had them enlarged, it could be a bra. I get total entertainment out of all of this and that is what they asked for, and they get paid the big bucks to deal with it.

L:     I wondered that, too. They don’t even look big enough to say there is a difference. If you going to go under the knife for that, wouldn’t you want them to be at least a B cup?

B:     I would think one would make the going under the knife a little more worth while.


2 Responses to "I’d Get Them Bigger Than That"

I can’t feel sorry for celebrities because all they have to do is find other work. Stop making movies, cutting records, trust us, we’re Americans, we’ll forget all about you. It’s a promise.

They go out of their way to make us notice them and be interested in their lives and whine and spit when we see the warts and all.

Plastic surgery can get out of hand, but if she wants bigger boobs and it makes her feel good, then why not? Then again you’ll never hear a man against the idea. Can you imagine if they could enhance men surgically? Can you just imagine how bad he’d flaunt it. Heck, we’d CALL the inquirer to take pictures of us at the beach in our Speedos after the operation.

And there wouldn’t be any of this going from an A cup to a B cup business.

You are too funny Scott! I totally agree with you on the celebrity comments. So funny on your comments with guys enhancement. I am willing to bet men will start getting more plastic surgery as the years come. There are more men out there claiming to be metro sexual, and they have nicer nails than I. Have a good day!

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