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There’s a Big Hole in Australia

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Beatrice:      So today is Earth Day and NASA has new pictures of the Sun. The clip of it is amazing, and it really only reminded me of how important sunscreen is. SPF 100%. I remember being in elementary school and planting trees on Earth Day and feeling really good about it. I have always been into gardening but my first memories around the reason I love to garden is Earth Day.

Today the new movie “Oceans” is playing, and I am hoping Toolman will take the kids in celebration of Earth Day. What about you, what does Earth day mean to you?

Lila:     Earth Day means thinking about what else I can do to make sure the world is safe and existing for my son to enjoy. It means making sure he appreciates what the earth has given to us and making sure we don’t take more than we need. I know there are cynics everywhere who joke about this. People who don’t believe in global warming. It’s so crazy. Maybe it is because we are bio graduates and science has documented this over and over again. I think Al Gore is very stiff, but I appreciate what he has done to get the word out about the environment.

B:     Brody will be doing some special things at preschool today in celebration of Earth day. I remember my mom buying me a long sleeved turqoise shirt with a picture of the Earth and flowers all over it as a gift to wear on this day. To this day it is one of my most favorite gifts I have received. I was the only kid in class that had a symbol of the day, and made me so happy that I was the one who was able to spread the word. Although back then I only understood why it was important to have trees and to take care of our yards and neighborhoods. I didn’t understand global warming until high school.

L:     I remember my fifth grade teacher was talking about global warming and greenhouse emissions and I, literally, thought there was a hole in the sky above the country of Australia. I guess that is where the ozone was the thinnest back in the day. I thought that would be horrible because if you looked up into the blue sky, and saw a patch where it was black, you would see space; then all sorts of horrible stuff would fall through. The poor Australians must be hit by junk from the sky all the time. I was young. I understood things in the literal sense.

B:     Just reminds me of how impressionable you are as a child, and how much power we have in our children’s lives. Better be kind to the souls of children much like what Earth day is about for our planet.


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