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Does She Have the Right?

Posted on: April 24, 2010

Beatrice:     So today I read about a woman who had triplets, but while giving birth to them, she suffered some major problems which has left her pretty well a vegetable. The husband divorced her a year later and has been raising the children alone. The children are now 4 and have never been around their mother. The grandparents and parents of this lady are fighting for her to have visitation rights, which is now a legal battle. The ex-husband does not want the kids around her because he says that he is not prepared to tell the children what happened to their mom. So terribly sad! She basically gave her life to have these children and now has no rights.

Lila:     I read the same article on CNN. It’s so sad. It would be my nightmare to have my child taken away from me. If she has some understanding of her environment, then she should be able to see her children. If her parents want to see the children, they should have the right to see them. They are not malicious people who want to do them harm. They just want to be a part of their lives. They want their grandchildren to meet their mother. I see no harm in that. I think the father is being selfish because he does not know how to explain his kids. What is he really afraid of?

B:     It sounded as though he did not want that burden in his life. Till death do us part, in sickness and in poorer, meant something different for him.

L:     I am having a hard time, seeing it from his view. I want to believe he had some good reason, but I can’t. Maybe all he wants to do is give the kids a normal life. Maybe he had another life. I would think the kids would eventually want to know about their real mother.

B:     Yes, what he is doing is hard to understand. This may backfire on him down the road, with the kids thinking he did the wrong thing and they may resent him. It is interesting how her parents described the husband and wife’s romance, as being a worldwind. He just seems either really hurt and can’t deal with her as an invalid or he can’t be inconvenienced by her. She is even paying child support out of the malpractice money they won in court. I believe he should be denied support since he wants nothing to do with her. The grandparents can put the money in a trust fund for the children, to be given when they are adults.

L:     The child support is something I do not understand at all. The truth is we do know how we will react in times of tragedy. Sadness will drive us to do some crazy, unreasonable things.

B:     Yes, look at all the families torn apart after one family member dies, and the fight over the money and personal items begin.


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