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The Hills – Reality TV

Posted on: April 25, 2010

Lila:     Are you going to watch the last season of The Hills? I am guessing yes. It is our little sinful treat. I know it is all fake, but I can’t help myself.

Beatrice:     I am sure I will. The last two seasons I had to watch on the computer since I was still at work when it aired. The show is a soap opera. It is amazing to see how different they are now compared to the beginning of the series. These young twenty year olds and all the plastic that makes them up.

L:     And yet we still watch the show. I don’t know why I do it. The whole thing is set up and the people are terrible actors. I guess people are over them that’s why it is the last season. Can you believe the amount of money they make? It’s shocking.

B:     It is kind of like a Melrose Place, but in a semi-reality format. I think the stars of the show are wanting to do more than just the Hills, so the Hills will end on a high note with regards to ratings anyway. I think MTV is ready for some fresh shows. It is hard to believe we use to watch MTV for the music videos, and now it is a reality junkie station. The next big hit for them is New Jersey Shore.

L:     I think when Laguna Hills came out, it was really interesting. I think the kids were pretty real back then. Now you have Speidi, who we love to hate, yet we continue to tune in.

B:     Yes, Heidi has some major issues. She seemed the most put together and confident when the show first came out, but once she went to Spencer she became a totally different person. I wonder what her mom thinks?

L:      MTV does a great job picking out young, good-looking people, who seem put together on the outside, but a complete mess on the inside. They are always at an age where they have not figured out who they are and we get to watch them as the morph into someone who is even more insecure. I mean what fun would it be to watch a person who knows who they are and tackles problems in a reasonable manner? They purposely pick out people with substance abuse problems, emotional problems, etc. Just like the casting agents of The Amazing Race like to pick out people who are sheltered, but think they know the ways of the world. It’s more interesting.

B:      It would be more fun being the camera crew on the shows. Capturing train wrecks and getting paid for it.

L:  Speaking of Speidi, I cannot get over her stone-faced look. That is one insecure girl.


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