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So I Married a Meathead – A Serious Tim Tebow Discussion

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Lila:      We need something to talk about. I am soooo out of ideas.

Beatrice:     We can discuss: the immigration legislation passed in AZ,  or how my manager just asked me what I thought about the draft (was humorous). 

L:     I sent you something but we can do this as well. I know nothing about the draft. I don’t understand why some people hate the Tim Tebow pick and some think it is a good choice.

B:     I think he is hot.  Which is what I told my manager too.

L:    Really? REALLY?! I think he is funny looking.

B:    No way, he is hot.

L:    He’s got a funny nose. I think he is better than Orton, but he ain’t no Tom Brady.

B:    He is perfect to me.

L:     Okay…. I don’t see it, but okay.

B:    Like the all American boy.  Ha ha

L:     I guess he is not my version of the “All American boy.” Looks like a big meathead to me.

B:     I only said that because that is what was written about him.  By the way I have always been into the meatheads.  I would say that is Toolman, but he is actually smart.  🙂

L:     Oh, okay. Do you really like him though?

B:    Yes

L:     Alright. Then I will remember to not make fun of him and his looks around you.

B:     What would you have to say about him?  I only think he is good looking, could care less about the rest of him.

L:     I would make fun of his looks. Hee hee.

B:     I am so glad we now have a photo of him on the blog.

L:     Haha. Why?

B:     Because I love him.

L:     Ha ha…NO!!!! You do not!

B:     It is funny. I have to tell you that I was reading this to Toolman just now, and I told him that I am attracted to meatheads, and how I married one.  He said, “OMG you think I look like a meathead,” and I laughed.  He immediately let me go.

L:     He had to have known he looks like it on the outside. He totally isn’t a meathead though. Maybe a superficial meathead.

B:     Believe me I tried telling him that he is not a meathead inside, just appears to be on the outside.  He said whatever and laughed at me.


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