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The Eclipse Trailer

Posted on: April 26, 2010


Lila:     I just watched the second Eclipse trailer again and I cannot wait to see it in the theaters. I love how the three movies are so different because of the three directors. Just like the movies, I love how the two trailers for Eclipse are so different.

In the first one, the trailer was focused on the love triangle. The colors were warm and the sceneries were pretty. In this second trailer, the focus is on the battle and it looks ominous. I really love the action stuff. I love how Alice flips over the werewolf. I love that Jasper is so intense. I love the running the forest. And most of all, I love the darkness around the movie. I cannot wait!!!

Beatrice:     Wouldn’t it have been great to be part of the pre-screening on this movie. Wish we could go to the premier. Again we are obsessed.

L:     But just like a few months ago, we still don’t know anyone who can get us there. Your brother is the closest person we know to a celebrity. What can we do to get him to get us in? I want to go so badly.

B:     He is not connected to anything Twilight and pretty sure he would take Grace. When I first watched the clip I could not figure out who these people could be walking up out of the water. I so need to reread the books to refresh my brain. I love the wolves and how big and strong they look. June 30th is not that far away.

L:      OMG! What do you remember about Eclipse? LOL. They are the newborns. They did not walk out of the water, but there were a lot of them. I cannot wait to see how they are going to show the communication between the werewolves. That should be interesting.

B:      I remember the scene in the book where they consummate their marriage. I remember the tent scene, the marriage, and pretty much anything to do with love. The newborn vampire parts were not why I loved the series, and pretty well read quickly thru those areas, much like I did with the Volturi scenes.

L:     Eclipse was not my favorite book because like you, I loved the love parts. I just know I spent the whole book annoyed with Jacob. But we already covered why. I am still so excited to see the movie in June.

B:     Yes, Eclipse was a long book, but I still wanted more.


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