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Hair Where the Sun Don’t Shine? What?!

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Lila:     Oliver and I just had the weirdest conversation. He was telling me that all men have hair in their butt crack. Ewwwwwww. Did you know that? He said some men shampoo the hair there because otherwise they have dingleberries stuck there. I always thought that was joke. Not a fact. Did you know this about men?

Beatrice:     Yes I did know this, as there are also women who have this waxed. This is definitely a disgusting topic. Can’t help but think of all the hairy men that don’t bath down in that area. YUCK!
L:     I am just shocked by this information. I always thought it was a joke and not real. Oliver told me the men’s locker room was filled with hairy men in ALL places. Really? Women don’t have hair in their crack. So gross.
B:     How can this shock you? If people can grow hair all the way up their back it is bound to be in other places. I have spoken to my eyebrow waxing gal about her waxing experiences and places she has had to wax, and she told me that between the buns for women is actually more common than you’d realize.
L:     NOOOOO Way!!!! Women have hair there, too? I had no idea. I have not seen too many naked bodies so that is why I am shocked. I just did not think there were hair follicles there. So weird. If I told my mother, the person who asked why American women did not grow facial hair, there was hair growing there, she would just pee in her pants as she was laughing.
B:     Now you have to tell her. Look, there was a girl in my high school that had a full-blown mustache and she was not American.
L:     Oh boy. I did know a girl who shaved everyday like a man. I hate hair. I just cannot believe it grows in people’s butt crack.
B:     I saw an episode of “The Girls Next Door” where Kendra talked about bleaching that area before the wax. She stated it was the thing to do before a photo shoot. I am pretty sure this is the exact conversation I had with Brooke my waxing gal.
L:     So wrong.

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