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Sandra Bullock is a Real Female Role Model

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Lila:     Sandra Bullock…OMG. That goes to show you can hide from the paparazzi. Shocker.

Beatrice:     Isn’t it cool? She is so amazing and I love that she has a very cute distraction while going through a divorce.

L:     It’s times like this for her where a distraction is needed. Good for her.

B:      I woke up today and heard it on the Today Show and the media acted like how dare she have a secret and keep something like this from us.  Meredith V.  even congratulated the rep with People Magazine for getting the interview and breaking the story.

L:     That’s where I heard it, too. Like we said before, celebrities can find privacy if they really wanted to. Just because they became famous does not mean they are not entitled to some privacy. I know some of them seek the attention, but some don’t. And those like Sandra Bullock who don’t, should not have to go to through their rough patches in public. I know I am interested, but I think we should back off.

B:      I am even more interested in how Jesse James thinks that he will one day prove to her that they can be a couple again. She will hopefully one day find her princess charming and never look back.

L:     I think Jesse James is delusional. Like Tiger, we will never look at them the same again. Both are dumba$es.

B:     I so thought he was cool at one time too, but still thought it was an unlikely combo.


2 Responses to "Sandra Bullock is a Real Female Role Model"

kind of love that she stole the cover-off for the beautiful people issue of people with her latest news.

It’s so hard because we want to support the “Pretty Woman,” but I guess this is not her year to shine. She’s has her moment. Go Team Sandra!

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