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Looking for a Job is like Riding a Rollercoaster

Posted on: May 1, 2010

Beatrice:     So this week has been hard for me to focus. This layoff thing with Toolman has really been a rollercoaster of emotions. One day I am totally excited for all of the new opportunities, and the next day I am freaking out that he may not land any of those opportunities. Of course I keep this thought process to myself. He has already had lots of leads, three interviews and nothing has come from it yet. I know it has only been 2.5 weeks but we are now in a state of waiting to hear.

Lila:     You have to be patient. Companies are taking their time because they can and you just have to wait along with them. At least he has had three interviews. Most people can’t even get an interview. Another thing is Toolman has a specialized job. It takes time. Just enjoy the time. You said it yourself, you guys are good for at least a year on one income. Do you want him to take any job or take the right job?

B:     I am not worried about money and then I am. I don’t want to eat up all our savings. I guess the bigger thing too is that I have run across so many articles that are discouraging, or people who have been out of work for more than a year and nothing. Toolman said he would start-up his own company before he got to that route. Just a mixture of emotions and it is crazy.

L:     I think any type of uncertainty will feel like a rollercoaster. That is the appeal of a rollercoaster. Money can be so stressful and this is a horrible time. You’ll be okay. Something will come along. Starting a new company is a lot of risk. I am not sure I have the cojones to do that. Good for Toolman.

B:     He keeps saying that this experience was a huge eye opener and is hungry to get back into the right place. He is also picky as he wants to only work for the big General Contractors but will work with a smaller one if it means work for now. He is ready to look out of state too. All of this is so back and forth and he says one thing and does another. I guess he is just as uncertain. He is not meant to take it easy, it is not in his DNA so it makes me anxious.

L:     Well no wonder you are all worked up. Toolman is nervous, which makes you nervous, which then makes him even more nervous. He will find a job. I think what you are doing now is the right thing. Have a plan and definitely a back up plan. It’s not time to freak out yet.

B:      I know, but I am the type that needs to know what is going to happen. Part of that not knowing is kind of exciting, but some days I feel conflicted.

L:     Must be a conflicted day. I remember I was a little nervous around three weeks when I was laid-off. I was worried about not getting a job ever again, which is ridiculous. And then after that week I realized how fun it was to not have responsibilities like that. Maybe you and Toolman will feel the same way.

B:     Yes, the thought of him never getting a job again has crossed my mind. He is having an off day today, so I think it makes me feel weird.

L:     You are allowed to have moments. Rollercoaster is right. The problem is the ride can be a long one. But just like the real thing, the first drop is the most unexpected and everything else is a bump.


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