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My Reality is What I See on TV

Posted on: May 2, 2010

Lila:     Did I tell you about my last tenant, Colleen? She is a lawyer who had lived in Boulder for 20 years. She had decided to move to Denver last fall. She did not stay long because she turned 50 and decided that she was going to live in Europe for 3 months. Unfortunately, I lost her.

But on the day we had the walk-through, she met me there with her boyfriend. Now these days, it seems like no one over 40 dates other people in their age category. You have your cougars who have little sex toy type boys. And then you have your cougars who go for the ones with a foot in the grave. However, Colleen’s boyfriend was her age and gorgeous. Very George Clooney looking. I was so impressed. They made such a beautiful couple, the kind that looked like they have been in love since forever.

I expressed to Oliver that I was in shock they found each other. For a guy like that, you would think he would have a little trophy girlfriend or wife. And like I mentioned above, she was a beautiful cougar with no work done. (At least not by what I can tell.) And then I felt ashamed of myself for thinking that. Why should I be surprised that two beautiful people found each other? What made me think that two people can’t truly be in love with people in their own age group?

Beatrice:     Either you watch too much television, or you read too much celebrity stuff, which is not reality. I think reality is people want to be with one another and more or less within the same age groupings, if they are sincere about love. There are multiple reports from AARP about the 55 and older that are starting over with love, and how they flock to the same retirement homes and how the rates of AIDS has gone up because of their activity.

L:      Maybe you are right. My reality is being marred by what I see on TV. Ha ha. But he was really good-looking and I was shocked that they were together. But then again, why should I be surprised? She looked great for someone who was 50. She looked like she was 40. Anyway, she e-mailed me from France and told me that they got engaged the first Sunday they arrived. They were standing there, looking at the Seine when he did it. So romantic.

B:     Good for her. Sounds like a romance novel.


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