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Halle Berry = failed relationships

Posted on: May 5, 2010

Lila:     With the recent Halle Berry break-up, it just confirms to me that even if you think you can have everything, you can’t. Halle is a beautiful woman with a successful career and beautiful daughter, yet she cannot keep a man. There are numerous women out there who work so hard on their careers and get to the peak, but at the expense of something else in their lives. They cannot have it all. It happens again and again. I believe it is because most men cannot handle a woman who is more successful than them. Look at all the relationships that fail after the actresses win an Oscar: Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank (who I really think is a man), Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock. All these women win the ultimate prize in their careers and then they lose their life partners. To me, if you want your relationship to work out, you have to let him think he is in charge and running the show.

Beatrice:     I think this is true of people who are in the limelight, and possibly true of women who really didn’t want family life but want a big time career. I think the whole Halle Berry thing should speak volumes to young girls, in that even the most beautiful person in the world does not mean you are going to be happy. She obviously has something not quite right about her to have so many failed relationships. Why would these men start-up a relationship with these women if they can not handle a more successful partner?

L:     Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, all in the same boat. Beautiful, successful, can’t hold a man. Something is wrong there. You can never tell from their exterior. It’s like they work so hard on their outside looks that they don’t work on their internal beauty. I am not saying that Halle is not a nice person. I am just saying that she may be a mess on the inside. I think it has to be daddy issues. Both Halle and Jennifer have had daddy issues. Halle never really had a male figure in her life and Jennifer was on and off with her dad.

As for your question, I think it has to do with how the relationship starts out. If the guy comes in and she is already successful and he recognizes that, then it could work. They have a better chance of not failing. He knows what he is getting into. However if the relationship was different when it first began and the success crept into their lives, that’s when the guy feels emasculated and the relationship fails. The dynamics of the relationship has changed. Just a thought.

B:     I get what you are saying, but Halle’s baby’s daddy knew who she was and I doubt the relationship failed because of what we are talking about. I think what you are saying is there are some really insecure men that can not handle a women who becomes more successful than he. I think that is true for some and also think that is changing in today’s world. There are a lot of men who find it attractive.

L:     You are right. There are two issues here for Halle. First of all, she will never find a successful relationship until she meets a man who is not threatened by her success. He will actually have to outrank her and I don’t know if there are a lot of good-looking men out there who are more successful. And even then, I am not sure that will work out because she does not know what a successful relationship looks like. Her daddy issues and mistrust in men will creep in and destroy it on her behalf.


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