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When Did a Nation Founded by Immigrants Become So Intolerant?

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Lila:     FB User -don’t understand why so many people are freaking out about arizona…afterall, it’s already a law that they are enforcing since no one else will. so sick of the whiny people complaining again about how unfair it is.

This is what was written on one of my “friend’s” status. I had to unfriend her. I have had enough of her complaining. She has been constantly complaining about everything. If Obama took an extra breath, she would complain. People voice their opinions because they are hoping to change the law. Because they feel it is an injustice to people’s civil liberties. She does it all the time because she thinks it is unfair. No one stops her. I had just had enough of her bigoted remarks. I cannot associate with someone like that.

Beatrice:     Toolman has a brother who is a border patrol officer, and worked for years in the California-Mexican border, but is now stationed in Arizona. Bruce has a lot to say about this topic, but he has been living it for 20 plus years. He told Toolman that their bigger concerns are those that are coming over with drugs. I think we should allow them to become US Citizens and make them pay the same taxes like we do and pay into social security just like we do. It will strengthen our economy.

I told my husband that after they passed this in AZ, we are not about to go there to live, only because I think they may have some issues for a long time. Although, they say two-thirds of AZ residents are in favor of the bill.

L:     Here here sister. I know there is a problem. I am not dumb. But there are a ton who are here, working. I want them to pay for some of the costs as well. I also understand that as long as we want to buy things cheap, we have to deal with cheap labor. That means we buy junk from China and we allow immigrants to do the jobs we don’t want to do. The problem is that this law really targets one group of people and that is just not right. The last time a group of people who were persecuted had to constantly travel with their proper documentations at all times, which was right before World War  II; when the Nazis targeted the Jews. Come on now. Aren’t we past this? When did a nation founded on immigrants become so intolerant?

My other problem is this girl has ranted in every post about things. I understand she is conservative. I have not said anything because she has the right to express her feelings. But I have had enough with her angry comments. She is the real complainer. She needs to stop and look at herself. I am sick of her self-righteousness and intolerance. I just wanted to write a nasty reply to her post because it was the last straw. I am done.

B:     You hit the nail on the head when you said we are a nation founded on immigrants, which is why I feel the way I do. I guess the only thing I agree with is if they are here illegally, they should go through the steps to become legal like all the others before them. It is unfortunate that we are targeting only one group of immigrants, and I feel bad for them because they are probably already living in fear and now they have to really live in intense fear.

L:     I agree with you. They’re here. They want to be here. They want to work. Make them pay taxes. Simple as that.

Do think conservatives whine more than the liberals?

B:     I think conservative republicans whine more, as they are more devote with their beliefs, and kind of scary!

L:     Yeah, I think so, too. It is scary how cold-hearted they can be.


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