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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Posted on: May 9, 2010

Beatrice:     What a complete dope! I am referring to the idiot lady who ran off with her lover and leaving her hubby and baby behind. She is on Dr. Phil right now, and she is such a dope. She says divorce isn’t in her vocabulary due to her spiritual beliefs, but she can act like she was abducted and can have an affair. The guy she has chosen over her own child is just as much of a dope and they both look like they ride the short bus. Idiots.

Lila:     Walking contradiction. I hate when people pull the religion card when they have broken their own vows with God. God did not tell her to run off with her lover and leave her child. What a great mother! I am sure the child will develop abandonment issues now. Poor thing.

B:     Well she won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day, as she obviously is too busy getting it on with a LOSER! This couple is already discussing marriage. If she ever tries to get custody, I am sure she will be denied. And rightfully so. First she runs off acting as though it is an abduction, then she makes numerous media interviews which will bury her, and she has repeatedly stated her current husband is a wonderful father and has only their child in his best interest. Unlike her. I just don’t understand women that can turn their back on their own children.

L:     I know what you mean. Thomas is so important in my life, I don’t know what I would do if he was not around. *shutter*

Let’s talk about wonderful mothers, like our moms. My mom is so old school that her advice is comical. Like the one time when she told me I can marry anyone as long as he was not a midget or cross-eyed. So weird.

B:     I feel lost without my kids and it may only be for a short time away, like a sleep over with their grandma and pawpaw.

My mother is my best friend, she knows when to listen, when to offer her support, when to do just the right thing at all times. I love my mother and would be lost without her.

L:     I can’t wait for Thomas to be able to spend the night at Mimi and Papa’s. This mom and dad need some sleep.

My mother continues to surprise me. Sometimes I assume she must be conservative because she is old, but she is so progressive at times. Like when she told me she would not vote for John McCain because he is the same as George W. Bush and we need a change. Besides McCain was so old in her eyes that she thought he might die in office. Look at her…voting for change.

B:     Good for your mom. My mom voted Republican, which is what she affiliates herself with, whereas my dad voted Obama. Good times.!

L:     But the best thing about my mom is that no matter how much I upset her, she alway forgives me. Thanks mom.


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