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My Love-Hate Relationship with California

Posted on: May 9, 2010

Lila:     I am sitting here, working and listening to my iPod when “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff comes on and all I can think of is, “I wish MTV would bring back Laguna Beach or Newport Harbor.” Am I lame or what? I loved those shows. Something about it that was so interesting. They were innocent and yet not so innocent. The song just brought me back to the evenings when I would watch those shows. Hmmmm…I miss those days. I wonder what happened to all of them.

Beatrice:      I have a lot of songs that remind me of good things, and some that you turn off immediately because they remind me of not so good. I would watch Newport Harbor if they gave an update on what happened to all the kids on the show. I do think they were smart to not pursue the camera, as we have seen on The Hills the kids turn out not so pure.

L:      Songs and smells are the things that take me back. Sometimes it is so real, I feel like I am there all over again. I love those good moments. I don’t really have bad songs or smells. I actually cannot think of any.

But back to Newport Harbor and Laguna Beach, I always wonder what they are up to, especially with Chrissy and Clay. They seem like such a lovable couple that you are just rooting for them to make it. I google them from time to time but have found nothing. Maybe I am looking at the wrong stuff.

B:     I liked Chrissy and Clay but I didn’t think she was that in to him.

L:     Yeah, she wasn’t, which doesn’t make any sense because he was good-looking, kind-hearted guy. She would be stupid if she did something to mess things up with him. I am sure they are not together even though you hope they would be. I remember his house. It was in the harbor and so amazing. I could not believe how cool it was.

B:     I guess you can’t choose the person you fall in love with.

I love that area of California. What a great place to grow up.

L:    Oliver and I have always said if we bought a home in CA, we would live there. It would be 5 minutes from my family. We have friends who live in that exact area and they are SUPER wealthy. That beautiful place reflects all the beautiful people who live there with their millions. Their standard of living is just ridiculously amazing.

B:     I have a college friend who lives there and is a head hunter, but he is not wealthy. He rents the home with 5 other bachelors. There are so many places in this world that you wish you could live, that would be one place for a few years and then on to the next.

L:     I am ready to retire and when we do, I want to retire in Hawaii with a home in Denver and Newport. No need to move along after a few years. I would like to be pretty stationary.

B:     Toolman would never agree to live in CA. With his job search, I am trying to convince him to look in CA where there are lots of openings, and where we have family.

L:     We Californians aren’t all that bad. Our expectations are just off the charts that’s all.

B:     It all depends on where you are from within California. San Fran is not the same as Los Angeles, and those two are different from Palm Springs, and everywhere in between on to the East are all different beasts. I have family in all areas of CA and they are all different and so are the environment. Much like every state.

L:     Hey you are telling someone from California how different we can be? California is like its own country. I would not move there though right now. The state is bankrupt and are issuing IOUs. You never know what the government will have to do to take care of its residents.

B:     I love the foilage there and how it grows all throughout the year. I love CO, but hate that 7 months of the year all the trees are without leaves and everything is dead. But yes, California and Californians are all in trouble with the way they live and lived.

L:     Yes, but depending where you live, that green foliage is surrounded by gray smog.


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