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Posted on: May 15, 2010

Lila:     I am so tired of people doing things just for the shock factor. I mean I kind of like it because it gives us something to talk about, but it does seem to get out of hand. Two incidences stand out in my mind:

1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s rude comment to Erin Andrews. I know she said those rude things just to get a reaction out of people. And then she comes crying the next day, saying she felt bad and needed to apologize was another ploy to say, “look at me.” Turns out she never even apologized to Erin at all. Lame. I see through her. Elisabeth, you suck.

2. The Newsweek writer, Ramin Setiideh, who wrote gay men cannot accurately portray straight men is ridiculous. We all know that is ridiculous because there have been many gay individuals, who have hidden in the closet, who have played straight people. Who says things like that? Unless he wants a response. In 2010, how can someone write something that is close-minded? Ramin, you suck.

I have to admit there is a draw to shock factor. I don’t post anything on my status on FB unless it offers some sort of attention. But don’t say things to be hurtful. That stuff doesn’t go away.

Beatrice:     I think Elisabeth Hasselbeck was being honest in her thoughts. I have watched her for years and she is ultra conservative, and I think her tears the next day were only because of the horrible backlash she received, and she didn’t like it. She does not represent our age group of females and our thoughts very well at all.

I don’t know this other individual who writes for the Newsweek, but I can see a little truth to what he said. As far as the gay topic goes, I am extremely conflicted in my thoughts on this topic. Men that hid in the closet lived a huge lie, a lie to their own well-being and behind closed doors they were not portraying straight men. I do not however, ever think it is okay to write negatively about other people’s preferences, which are often times not something they can help.

L:     I know Elisabeth is ultra-conservative, but when you make such a big deal about feeling bad and wanting to apologize, then you should do it. It’s like when Kanye West said he felt bad about the Taylor Swift thing and did not apologize until Taylor called him out on it.

As for the gay actors, there are a lot out there who play straight people and have pulled it off with flying colors. Cynthia Nixon is one. Neil Patrick Harris does a pretty good job. I just think the writer is going by stereotypes and expect the people not be able to pull through. I think it is narrow-minded of him. Straight people play gay people all the time. It’s called acting and if they are good actors, they can transcend their own persona.

B:     I don’t think Elisabeth is sorry, I think she is feeling sorry for herself for the bad reaction she received.

I did not realize you were talking about gay actors portraying a straight man. The Brady Bunch father did an excellent job at doing this. I thought you were referring to real life men trying to act straight.

L:     Oh yeah, I was talking about actors. The writer for Newsweek was saying that their portrayal of straight men is horrible. The Brady Bunch dad was a good example. And the dad on Bewitched as well. Why would people say things like that other than for attention?

B:     I think there are a lot of people who say stuff for attention, and to keep their popularity or limelight..


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