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What is Going on with Speidi?

Posted on: May 16, 2010

Beatrice:     What in the hell is Heidi Montag thinking? News just broke that she called the cops on her mother and is considering a restraining order against her own mom. She claims it is all over the reaction her mom had when Heidi went home to reveal her new face and body. This girl is seriously destroying her life and it is really sad to watch.

Lila:     Speidi have officially lost it. At first I thought it was a publicity stunt, but I changed my mind after watching this week’s episode. The vein in Spencer’s head was about to explode and there is no way he can be that great of an actor. I have no idea what happened to them. To allow your husband to degrade your mother is inexcusable. She has no self-esteem so she is latching onto anything she can. It’s really sad.

B:     You see her photos of the before and she was much more attractive as a natural Heidi, and she seemed to have it so together. Now she is alienating everyone and just becoming a train wreck. She use to stand up to Spencer, and now she is letting him think for her. I don’t even know her, but I am concerned for her.

L:     I know. She looked so much softer and now her features are so harsh.It’s like they joined a cult or something. Remember that episode where her mother was disappointed in her surgery. Her reaction was so justified and I think her mother was pretty civil to her. It’s a slap to her mother’s face when Heidi changes everything about her looks. It’s basically saying I am not happy with what you gave me. I would be hurt if my daughter did the same thing. And remember what she was saying to the paparazzi about how her mother felt about the surgeries? She said her mom liked it and she wanted to have surgery for Mother’s Day. That girl is so delusional, she does not even know what the truth is anymore.

B:     Even the rest of the cast of Hills thinks they are crazy, you can see it as they respond to the Spencer/Heidi antics. Really sad because she does not look happy and is no longer the pretty girl next door. Her mom reacted way better than most mom’s would react.

L:     I swear I thought it was a ploy concocted by MTV. They could have not scripted that and Speidi cannot act that well.

B:     I do not think it is a ploy, because that crosses the line.

L:     It never crossed your mind that, with all their previous shenanigans, this was all an act to get attention? They are attention-whores. That’s why I, originally, thought they were pretending. I mean it’s not like Spencer has any real reasons to hate anybody. I thought he was faking it. But now I think differently.

B:     I didn’t say it never crossed my mind, I said it would cross the line. Meaning using her mother in that fashion would cross the line and not the MTV has any class, but I think they would get a lot of flack for using her mother in that fashion to just make good television.

L:     Well no, I realized this was real well before the Heidi/mother incident today. I know MTV would not pull a stunt like that.

B:     She needs serious help as does Spencer, however they do not belong together. Neither of them have friends, their family is slowly walking away, and soon they will have no one. It is really sad to watch. You can just see her confidence is shot and she doesn’t know what to do. Spencer appears to be emotionally and mentally abusive, and already threatened violence on her sister so he is capable of that too. Scary stuff. I thought I had read somewhere that he left the show, and if this has happened you have to wonder if MTV said leave!

L:     MTV kicked him off the show because he was violent towards a producer. They both need help.


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