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Aha Moments

Posted on: May 17, 2010

Beatrice:     As I was on the bus coming in to work, I started thinking how I am one of many drones trekking into work today, to do the same ole, same ole. I was going back in my mind about my childhood and how excited I was about life and loved every minute of every day. Then I went through my mind during my college years, and how every day was an adventure, and how excited I was for my future. Then I felt let down and really excited all at the same time about where I am at now and how I really, really hope Toolman finds a job out-of-state, so we can start a new adventure. Life is not meant to be lived day-to-day doing the same damn routines. I had an “aha moment” and am ready to make changes. Having children provides you a lot of  everyday adventures, but I am talking about my own health of career and wellbeing.

Lila:     Sounds like you need a change.

B:     I need a change, Toolman is forced to make a change, and all of it is exciting. I was talking to my mom’s best friend’s daughter-in-law last night and she is an oncology nurse, and told me she can not wait to start a new career. I was shocked because she has been a nurse for 20 years and is one of the top in her group at Swedish Medical, however she stated her dream job is becoming a Chef. I think a lot of people need to make a change, and hopefully can do so before they find themselves close to retirement age.

L:     Then this can he a very exciting thing. You have lived in Colorado all your life and moving can be a great thing. Some things might be better there and you might miss things here. Moving is great. It invigorates you.

B:     Like Toolman and I talked about,  it can all be about exploring, and having the kids do this with us would be great.

L:     But you are right when you said at the beginning when being an adult was a real let down.


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