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Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, the Travoltas – Good Juicy Gossip

Posted on: May 20, 2010

Beatrice:     I was listening to 105.9 this morning and Erica’s E Report talked about Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales. Apparently, his wife filed for divorce when she was pregnant with their 3rd child back in 2006 because of the rumors going around about he and Natalie Morales. He is now in hot water with his wife again, and according to the inside reports it is over Natalie Morales again. Natalie is married with children as well, and according to more reports, one of her children is rumored to be from Matt Lauer. They both work for NBC and if this is true, talk about scandal. Apparently, Natalie’s husband said he would not deny the reports either. What the hell?

Lila:     What?! It was Natalie Morales? Now everything makes sense. I had read an article about reasons why Matt and his wife were denying the affair because one of the supposed incidences occured in Vancouver, during the Olympics. They were together Valentine’s Day was their story, so how can he be cheating? Well, this puts another spin. Of course you would assume his mistress is at home or something since he is there with his wife. But what if his mistress was there as well because she had to work? Oh Natalie…shame on her. I thought she was so nice and proper. How could she?

B:     Erica’s report was the one that reported Tiger Woods having an affair two weeks before it broke, so when she has good gossip, I tend to believe it to be true. I watch the Today Show and I would have never guessed those two, as they do not even flirt not even a little bit on the air, which you know some anchors do. This has been quite the year for scandals to blow up in people’s face, so I wonder if they are next. Did you know Erica from 105.9 will be on the Marriage Ref with her husband tonight? I am wondering if it is about her not changing her last name, since this is a huge ordeal to her hubby, Jesse. I can not wait to tune in.

L:     I don’t think Erica’s report is cutting edge. I notice all her reports come from a combination of TMZ and Perez Hilton because I noticed that she covers the same things they do. I think it’s good enough though.

Okay, I will admit it. I like the Marriage Ref. It’s so funny, I think. I did not know she will be on this week’s episode. I will have to tune in.

Oh Natalie, the “Just the Facts Ma’am” had not been on the show for a bit. Maybe this scandal is the reason.

B:     I am pretty sure Natalie will be on tonight, as Erica hinted at this on the air today. As for Erica’s reports, she is obviously not getting them on her own, but she broke Tiger Woods story before TMZ and Perez H. I don’t even like to write PH’s name as I can not stand that man (if you call him that). 1 big fat ick!

I forgot to say that Erica often states she uses a source from the Enquirer, which is funny in itself.

L:     The Enquirer?! I know they run a lot of smut but I am sure most of it is true. True smut. Haha.

B:     Did you hear where the Travolta’s are expecting a child. She is 47 years old, talk about risky.

L:     I know! I read that last night. They admitted to wanting another child, even before Jet’s death. You can only hope the best for them. I would never do it, but they’re rich. You can do a lot more things when you’re rich.

B:     I had heard John Travolta say on a red carpet that he would like another son, and I remember thinking the comment was weird. This was all before his son died, and remember thinking what a strange comment knowing that his son had some sort of autism and health issues at the time.

L:     Yeah, but obviously their decision did not have to do with their age because their son was the eldest. Of course their risks are off the charts now because they are so mucher older. But you can’t help but be happy for them. I mean they lost their son. Then I think this past weekend, some man doing work for them ran over both their dogs. That is so tragic.

B:     I did read about their dogs and devastating.

L:     They need some positive news. I know they are crazy Scientologists, but they are good decent people so you want good things to happen for them. Every time I see Kelly Preston, I think about how she dumped George Clooney for John Travolta. Looks-wise, George should have been the choice. But it looks like she is very happy with John.

B:     I can not see George the kid totting marrying type, so she made a wise decision. I think John is a nice looking man, maybe not so much now, but he was better looking than George as a young man, whereas George is nicer looking as an aging man. LOL

L:    I don’t know. George has always been handsome to me, mullet and all.

B:    NO way, don’t see it.

L:    Yes, we have very different tastes in men.

B:    LOL


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