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The Importance of Well-Fitted Clothes

Posted on: May 24, 2010

Lila:     I was at Starbucks this morning and saw this gorgeous Indian guy. He was tall, dark, and very handsome. His hair was thick and yet well-cut. His shoes were nice. But his clothes…eckkk. What a let down. He had it sooo wrong. His shirt was way too short. It was a great color and well fitted for his shoulders, which is a feat in itself. The bright green showed he was willing to take a risk, but it was super short. It fell barely above his butt. I can tell his sleeves were too short as well because he rolled them up. But why oh why is his shirt so short? What was he thinking?

Beatrice:     I think this is where you need a picture. If he was tall he may not be able to afford big and tall clothes, which is also a turn off. Tom is 6’4″ and can not buy clothes just anywhere and expect them to fit. If I get him a shirt from the gap, which is triple x, it still does not fit the length of this arm and he will roll it up. Wonder why he didn’t tuck the shirt in so you couldn’t tell the length. What were his pants like?

Lila:     I totally wanted my camera phone, but I did not have it with me. He is tall and fit. He may be 6’2″ at most. Built kind of like Oliver, but his shoulders are broad because he works out. I understand the height problem and ill-fitting clothes, but it seems like he is shopping at little boy’s stores. It seems like he wants his shirts to be fitted on top, but at the expense of the length. Not good. No matter what you like to wear, well-fitted clothes is the secret to making it work. So many times I have seen outfits gone wrong because of the fitting.

Beatrice:     Now you are starting to sound like Gam. She was Mrs. Fashionista who would go on and on about making your clothes suit your frame and how important it is to wear clothes to the right “measurements”. So funny. I wonder if this guy works in the building. I notice the men in our office and how they wear the same pants almost everyday. Not sure why I have to notice that part of it, but it is true. Toolman will wear the same pair of jeans two days in a row, and rather than placing them nicely overnight before the next day of wear he throws them on the floor, so the next day they are not only reused but full of wrinkles. I have often wondered if this is normal, since boyfriends before he were the same way.

Lila:     But Gam is correct. You can like any style, but the clothes have to fit. If you’re a goth chick, it has to fit. If you are hippy chic, it has to fit. I know a lot of women are peared shaped and finding pants that fit. I say buy the pair of pants that fit the hips and have the waist taken in. Your clothes have to fit.

And this guy was just wearing a pair of jeans. He works in the building because I have seen him before and he alway has this issue.

What is it and men throwing their clothes on the floor? Oliver does the same thing. He is so meticulous about everything, yet he will throw his clothes on the ground. Buttoned-up shirts lay on the ground. Everything is on the ground. Why do people think wearing wrinkly clothes is okay?

Beatrice:     Oh I agree with Gam too, but your comments just reminded me of her. She was always fashion foward, but if she really knew how she looked now she would surely be dead.

I am wondering now who this guy is that works in the building. Funny.

As for the guys throwing the clothes on the floor, I don’t get it either. I am pretty certain my dad never did this. I know he left his socks in the middle of the floor where he always laid to watch television. The several homes we have looked at while thinking of buying a new home with properties, we have seen male clothes heaped into a pile next to one side of the bed. The realtor always made a comment.


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