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The Lost and Celebrity Apprentice Finale

Posted on: May 25, 2010

Beatrice:     So did you watch Lost last night? I have never seen one episode but have heard about the show and what it is about, so I tuned in after Celebrity Apprentice was over and watched the last half hour. I am assuming that Jack’s father helped him realize he was dead and not that the others died on the plane as they escaped but that they lived life. But once they died they met at this place to find one another. His dad was a shepard? I know none of the other’s names, but was wondering if you enjoyed the ending or if you thought is was a let down.

Lila:     That is the gist of the finale, but there was so much more. The series dealt with life and death and what happens after they died.  I LOVED LOVED it!!! It’s meaning was deep and satisfying. When they first landed on the island, the audience speculated that they were in Purgatory. But they weren’t. The island was the source of life. It kept the good and bad at a balance. It was fate and free-will rolled into one. But at the end, after everybody had died, none of them could move on until they had made peace with their own lives and that is why the sideways reality began. They all recreated a world where they could meet up and resolve their issues. The ending gave me peace. And I hope the afterlife is very much like this. I think I am going to subscribe to the Church of Lost.

B:     There sure were a lot of followers for the show, but I was not one of them. Had no interest, and mainly because I don’t have time during the weekdays to even watch television.

Did you see that Bret Michaels won the Celebrity Apprentice? He has a stagger to his walk since having his stroke, and the entire time I was watching I was nervous that he was going to go into cardiac arrest. The finale was much different from seasons prior in that they did not hound him or his competition out of respect for his condition.

L:     I heard that he won. Outside of the one episode where they were raising money, I do not watch the show at all. Do you think he deserved to win?

B:     Yes, he did a very good job throughout the season. Holly won $347K in one episode, thanks to Sharon Osbourne. It was not of Holly’s doing. She did a good job too, but Bret is far more talented than she is and he is a really hard worker. He was a surprise to watch and end up liking. So the underdog from the beginning of the show and a huge upset by the end. He has a lot of respect from businessmen and goes with his gut instincts and tends to be right.

L:     How did Sharon help Holly win the $347K? I thought they were on opposite teams.

That’s nice to hear Bret won. He’s been through a lot.

B:     Sharon was the project manager for the opposite team and raised all the money, but lost as a PM that time and whatever they both raise the winning PM gets. Boy, you don’t watch the show do you? I keep telling Toolman he would do well on this show but he thinks I am crazy.

L:     Nope. Don’t watch the show at all. You are going to have a one-sided conversation if you want to talk about Celebrity Apprentice.

Believe it or not, I avoid reality TV. I like Survivor and The Amazing Race because a lot of thought is put into those shows. The Hills and The City are not true reality TV to me. I think most of it is scripted for the most part.

B:     I think there is a lot of good that comes out of Celebrity Apprentice which raises money for charities, however I prefer the Apprentice with normal people. I haven’t watched an episode of The Hills or The City this season, only read about the Hills because of Heidi. I have never liked The City, so don’t watch it. I try not to tune into MTV at all now that my children are of age where they may pick up on things I don’t want. I really only watch television on Sundays, so whatever is on I watch. Like the Real Housewives shows are on and those are a complete train wreck. Last night I watched Kendra, which I like. I am not sure why but I find that girl hilarious and genuine, so I watch her.


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