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Thank You Letter to Lost

Posted on: May 26, 2010

Hi everyone. Lila here. We just want to take a day off from our usual format because I wanted to express some of my personal thoughts on “Lost” and since Beatrice did not watch the show, she would not really have any input. So here it goes….

It’s Tuesday night and I am going through some serious withdrawals. Tuesday nights are great TV nights for me. Glee, Lost, V, Parenthood (yes, I am admitting to liking the show) are all on. Unfortunately, they are on at the same time so my Tivo overheats on Tuesdays. But not tonight. Lost is over and I am so sad. Never have a I been so dedicated to a show or personally invested in characters on a show. It has elicited sadness, anger, happiness, confusion, and too many other emotions to write down. But the most important feeling that has come out of all this, because of the finale on Sunday, is SATISFACTION.

Thank you Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for taking me on this wild ride, but most importantly, giving me hope. As I watched the finale, I was completely happy with how all the characters were somehow able to make peace with themselves and found each other. The joy I had when I saw that Rose and Bernard were still on the island and very happy with their simple lives. If only we can all live like them. When Jin and Sun realized that they had a child together, it brought tears to my eyes. However, when Sawyer, the bad boy of the show, found his true love, Juliet, I could not hold back. That tough exterior broke down again because he had his true love back in his arms. Everyone must have been touched.

But if I must complain about the show, there is one thing…how dare they make my Hurley cry again!!!! Enough! Stop doing that to him. I think he was the perfect choice for the protector of the island. He and his sidekick, Ben, will embark on many adventures in the future. I hope there is a spin-off of the show with the two of them and call it “Found.”

As for the sideways reality, that so many complained about, including myself at the beginning, I hope there will be a place like that for all of us in the afterlife. Everything about the show can be summed up in the last conversation between Jack and his father, Christian. They were all there because they were dead, but more importantly, they had a second chance to make peace with their own flawed lives and the complicated relationships that they had with others in their lives. Everything happened and nothing can be changed, but have faith that everything will work out in time. The writers are saying, “Hey, you can’t give up on Faith. It exists.” Faith gave them a chance to find each other and make amends with their lives. (I appreciate how the writers were careful to not identify with any specific religion because all religions really preach the same thing. That church, where the “funeral” was held, had all the religious faiths displayed around the room.) I hope that when I have passed, it will be like this. I hope I will get to see  the loved ones that I have lost to have that one last conversation with them. I hope there will be a Desmond, who will guide me along. I loved the ending so much that I would like to join the Church of Lost. It gave me so much hope because God knows, I need it. We all need hope.

So again, thank you Lost for the journey, for the renewal in hope and faith. Thank you.


4 Responses to "Thank You Letter to Lost"

Thank you Gabby Gal). Thank you for saying what is in my heart as well. Well said. Namaste!

You’re welcome. It was all from the heart. ~Lila

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