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Give Nerds a Chance

Posted on: May 27, 2010

 Watch the video here: Happy Geek Pride Day!!!

Beatrice:     So Brody is in soccer and the practices are twice a week, which Toolman has been present at. He has become the soccer dad. Ha ha. Anyway, there is a little boy on the team that loves Brody and wants to play outside of soccer with him. He reminded his mom that he wanted to set up a playdate. The mother comes over to us and asks Toolman if we can get together for a playdate sometime over Memorial Day weekend? I was floored, as they normally ask the mother. Toolman felt uncomfortable about the question and immediately said that is something you will need to run by Beatrice. The thing is I am not a huge fan of this woman and now I am faced to have a playdate with her and the kids. I always knew this was coming, but how to deal with it is another issue. I guess I will give it a shot and see how it goes. I guess it goes the other way too, where we are friends with the parents first, then the kids come and they are forced into a playdate and someday the kids may not like each other. Brody told me the other day that he likes Reece but not Paige (Ann’s kids). I asked him why and he said, “Paige is a crabby crab”. He is right about that, but funny he knew this too. So perceptive!


Lila:   And yes, kids are way too observant sometimes. They know how to judge character at a very young age. Not always accurately though.  Well, you can alway set the playdate that would require you to watch him constantly and you do not have to talk to the mother. There are lots of things you can do that would fit into that scenario. Besides, maybe you will like her. You only know one facet of her. Maybe she is interesting in some other way. You never know.

B:     She wants them to come over to their home, so it could be quite awkward. Anyway, she is very nerdy. I hate to even admit I just said that but she and I are like fire and ice. I guess I can keep the talk to the kids, or send Toolman. LOL. Brody is at that age where he wants to play with someone, even if it is me or his dad. He use to be so good at playing by himself, but not anymore as he thinks it is “boring”.

L:  Why do you call her nerdy?  Doesn’t he want to play with E’Claire? I guess he probably thinks she is too young and too girly for him.

B:      No, he typically does not want to play with her. She plays by different rules and they end up fighting. He typically succumbs but not usually a smooth playtime. They fight a lot!

I think this lady is nerdy because she is. Not sure how to describe her other than imagine your typical nerd and she fits the description. She works in the IT industry and is all around nerdy. She is hard to relate to. I have tried talking to her about various things and she is so philosophical it drives me nuts.

L:     What?!!! You know I am a huge nerd and yet you can relate to me. I told Oliver that if I ever had to look for another job, I am going to work for Apple. I am willing to start as a sales rep and move up. I want to learn all there is to know. I should have been a Computer Science major.

B:     I hardly would categorize you as a nerd. She is better described as a social misfit.

L:     But I fit the nerd type almost to a tee. I like Star Wars and Star Trek. I love Lord of the Rings even more. I love all things technology. I know too much about comic books. I have very few friends. I am way too geekie about numbers. I think I made my point.

B:     You may like a few nerdy things, but your attire and the way you dress is far from nerd. Besides, nerds aren’t interested in TMZ, reality shows on MTV, etc. I think you get my point. Nerds have lots of friends, typically they stick together and I would not categorize your friends as nerds. Sorry, you can’t convince me.

L:     I don’t just know a few nerdy things. I know a lot of nerdy things. I may be able to hide it with my clothes and cool demeanor (haha), but deep down, I am a nerd. You may have not watched the show, but do you recall Sarah Jessica Parker in Square Pegs. That was me in high school. I am a geek and a nerd. I personally like the title. Do you know I am good friends with the IT guys who work in Denver? That’s because we can relate.

B:     Sorry, you are not a nerd!

L:     Well, maybe her friends don’t think she is a nerd either.

B:     By all appearances she is a geek, and her discussions are too. Now I feel like a mean person. Oh well.

L:     I told you I am a geek and a nerd. Oh if you only knew.

Don’t feel bad. Just give her a chance.

B:     Like I don’t give people chances. You are talking to the girl who talks to anyone and everyone. I am not a hard person to know.

L:     That’s why I was surprised when you were ready to write her off because she’s a nerdy or nerd-like. I know you alway give a chance. That’s what is awesome about you.

B:     I will definitely go, who knows she may become my best friend. LOL


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