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Narcisssism: Is It an Epidermic?

Posted on: May 28, 2010

Lila:     Is it me or is narcissism an epidemic created by the media? I recently downloaded 2 songs from a singer named Jason Derulo and in both songs, he says his name. Now I know, he is a singer and they have an ego to begin with, but he is not the only person who needs to assert himself this way. Think about all those parties that are being thrown these days where you can hire fake paparazzi to be there. I mean what is that all about? The entertainment world is permeating to the normal world. I know this is not a new thing, but how did it get this bad?

Beatrice:     I have no idea, but seems to me we live in a very selfish world and unfortunately there are people out there that actually think the real world is celebrity world, when that is all fake. I think with all the technology and access to the world, it can perpetuate the problem.

L:     I think you are on to something. The accessibility to things that can make you a celebrity or give you 15 minutes of fame perpetuate the problem. Everyone thinks they can do it and gives them an ego. We have alway wanted to be like the stars we love, but now they have elevated themselves so much that crashing down to earth will kill them.

My friend, Shelby, acts like she is something really special. I know she’s really pretty and a lot of people confirm that, but her narcissistic attitude is ridiculous. I had dinner with her on Monday and she spent the whole 3 hours talking about herself like she was Paris Hilton or something.

B:     Sounds like your friend Shelby is insecure. This is what the real problem is, all these insecure individuals that crave and want the attention so that they feel loved. I don’t however think this is the majority of people. Just the ones who can not see straight and have a warped sense of reality and haven’t experienced what love is whether it be from their family during childhood or how to love oneself. So they crave it and think becoming celebrity or whatever will get them to that point.

L:     I know she’s insecure. She’s been dependent on her looks her whole life. Imagine when it dissipates. But can you imagine spending three hours hearing her talk about herself? I know she’s funny and all, but geez…give me a break. I am guessing this is what all these managers and agents have to deal with all day long.

B:     I have a friend who only talks about herself, and the minute you try to speak she will shoot you down or is ready to call it quits. You know her, Logan? So Shelby is not very smart? I have so many off the charts good-looking friends, and what makes them even more beautiful is they know they are good-looking but they don’t depend on it, as they are highly intelligent or very talented at something they have passion for. Again it all comes down to one’s upbringing and insecurities.

L:     It’s not like she is not smart, just well-educated. She really is like Paris Hilton. She knows how to get others to work for her and believe her, but you could not really ask her about current events. She’s not well-read. That is her biggest insecurity. Because if anyone really figured it out, they would be disappointed because she is not exactly deep.

B:     Well I would stay away from comparing her to Paris Hilton if she is well-educated, because Paris Hilton is a highschool drop out.

L:     Lol. I forgot the “not.” I meant that she is NOT well-educated.


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