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Same Sex Siblings: Is the Relationship Different?

Posted on: May 29, 2010

Beatrice:     Toolman’s brother is in town and will be staying over at our home tonight. We are having a BBQ for him and his wife, and all of Toolman’s CO family will be coming over. Here I am at work knowing they will all be showing up at 5. So not ready for this.

It is interesting to see his relationship with them because he was not raised around his brothers. He has 4 half brothers from his dad’s first marriage. The boys were raised in Oregon, which is where Toolman is from but Toolman moved here when he was 5. He almost has a better and closer relationship with them than he does with his full blood sister who he lived with. Interesting huh?

Lila:     Maybe because they are brothers. Same sex siblings have different relationships, I am guessing.

I am sure Toolman is working to get everything ready for the BBQ.

B:     He is working on sprucing up the house, marinating the steak, shrimp, and chicken. He is excited about everyone coming over. John, his brother, came in last Saturday and we had dinner over at Toolman’s sisters.

I love my brother, but sometimes wonder what it would be like to have had a sister. My mom is extremely close to her sisters, and not so much with her brother. My brother and I were pretty close before we both got involved with our spouses. I know I can call him and get advice or have a shoulder to lean during those important times, but I don’t just ring him up to chat about nothing. I do that to my husband or my mom. But I bet I would do this if I had a sister. Probably very normal between sisters and brothers.

L:     I used to be so envious of my brothers because they seemed like the best of friends. I thought it was because they were close in ages and I wasn’t, but I think their gender has a lot more to do with it. I always wished I had a sister to share things with. There are just certain things you cannot share with the opposite sex. I mean you can’t ask your brother to give you advice about fashion or really girly things.

B: True, but I ask my mom those things. I have learned that my mom is more like my best friend now that I am an adult, and I can tell her anything and everything. I hope some day E’claire and I will be like my mom and I are now. Sometimes I wonder if it is just a boy thing, like the boys go off and get married and then they don’t need their parents as much, not like daughters do. I can think of so many examples, and when I think about this it makes me sad because Brody is such a mama’s boy.

L:     I am sure you guys are close, but I can’t imagine asking my mom about private things. Maybe it’s different for you. Can you imagine asking your mom about sex advice? Yikes. I can see how a close sister might be helpful for questions like that.

B:     No, I don’t talk to her about that and didn’t talk to my best friends about that one either. I guess I have always been too confident in that area. Kind of laugh saying that, but it is true. Should also say that I didn’t become active until 21 so I was mature about it.

L:     I don’t talk to anyone about that either, but I know a lot of women do. What about dating advice? Would you have asked her?

B:     I did talk to my mom about dating and she always gave me really great advice. I still talk to her about everything. She is away in San Antonio this week and next and I have texted her around 50 times.

L:     Wow. I am impressed. You don’t need a sister. You have your mom.

B:     I agree, but I still wonder what it would have been like to have a sister in my growing up years. Are your brothers still like best friends?

L:     Nah…we had a rift in the family and we’re not that close anymore.

B:    Too bad, but I do know the story and thought the boys were still cool with one another.

L:    I don’t think I told you the whole story. I just told you my stuff. There’s a lot more and it’s hard to forgive my oldest brother.

B:    I am sure that is hard on your mom?

L:    It is, but it is for the best. Maybe in time my other brother can forgive him.


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