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Appropriate Business Behavior? I Think Not

Posted on: June 1, 2010

Beatrice:     So Toolman has this so-called friend, Steve, who he met at his former employer. You know the one that he was laid off from. Steve is the ultimate “yes man”, will bend over for ya if it would get him further up the food chain of corporate world. He calls Toolman around 3-4 times a day, and for whatever reason Toolman puts up with him. I told him years ago this guy is weird. Anyway, he calls up Toolman today to say that he, being Steve, went into the main office of his company and struck up a conversation with the head honcho regarding getting more work so that they can bring Toolman back. Apparently, head honcho tells Steve that they would never bring Toolman back and the position he posted for in Houston would not even be a consideration as they have cut all ties with Toolman. Then Toolman starts going down the road of all the things he would have done differently. I totally went ape shit on him because I told him that the former employer is over with and he wasn’t fired, he was laid off. And Steve is not your friend. A friend doesn’t give that sort of news to someone, as it is a bunch of shit. Steve is on our Facebook too, and he posts pictures of himself chumming it up with the very man who was responsible for putting Toolman’s name on the list of layoffs. This Steve guy is bad company, and I wish Toolman could see it.

Lila:     I can’t believe a manager would be that candid with another employee. Don’t you think that is weird as well? When Lori was my manager and we were going out as friends as well, we kept everything separate. She would never share anything that was private with me. When she was frustrated with the performance of another teammate, she would never tell me. It’s just not professional.

B:     I find it all very weird, and my sister-in-law who is a HR manager for a major corporation told me that this type of comment can blow up in his former employers face if he felt the need to bring it to light. She said it can be deemed slander and he can sue for wrongful termination. Of course I am so ready to go there, but Toolman would never.

L:     I know you would not go down that path, but I just find the interaction between Steve and the manager weird. I don’t know what is going on with Steve to say anything is personally weird with him. I am sure you are right though. You are agreat judge of character.

B:     I have always felt this guy is a bit off on relationships. He has a common-law wife, and 5 poodles. I have watched him in action at company functions, and he is all chummy with the big wigs, and will throw anyone he can under the bus. I told my husband today that I am not comfortable with that guy and especially him telling Steve anything about his job search or what nots. Totally pissed me off that he would go to a guy who has lost his job and then tell him something that would make him second guess his past 9 years and make him feel horrible. Although, Toolman isn’t upset he is just feeling more motivated. I just know that it would make me upset. I guess guys are different in that way.

L:     I would feel motivated myself. I am not going to let a sycophant keep me down. I refuse to play their big company games and I am sure your husband feels the same way.

B:     He does, but I am pissed on his behalf. Ha!


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