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Dear John, With Love

Posted on: June 6, 2010

*Spoiler Alert*

Beatrice:     Hey there. How was your weekend? What did you all do? We had birthday parties, bbq’s, Tiny Town playdate and movies. We rented the movie Dear John and it was so good. We also rented Invictus which was great too. I really loved the movie Dear John and the story about John and his father. I cried a lot in that movie. Today is Brody’s last day of preschool and then tonight he has preschool graduation.

Lila:     Hi there! I am working from home today because Oliver is having minor surgery. We had a fabulous weekend. Thomas was attached to me the whole weekend. We, too, had a birthday party, BBQ, and in between the events, we redecorated Thomas’s playroom. We spent a ton of money on furniture and stuff. Then we repainted the room after he went down. It was packed.

We, also, watched Dear John. I had seen it previously and loved it so I made Oliver watched it. He loved it as well, but not as much as The Notebook. I thought the story was poignant and sweet. I did not expect the ending to be like that at all. Oliver wanted the ending to be happier and more obvious that they were going to get back together. I love love love that movie. I told Oliver I want to buy it and have it in our library.

Oh…congratulations to your little guy!!!

B:     Did you guys get Thomas a new bed? I am happy to be home today too, however I have to work Saturday.

The movie Dear John is definitely one to buy! I loved the ending, and thought it was pretty obvious they were still very much in love when he went to visit her after his dad’s funeral and once she started writing. I was so happy he did not die in this movie, because I fully expected that by the way the movie started. The part where he goes to the hospital to visit his dad and read his letter to him, and his dad finally hugs him, oh boy did I lose it there. I loved the parts with his dad, so endearing.

L:     Oh no. His crib converts to a full size bed eventually, but he is not ready to sleep in a toddler bed. We redecorated his playroom, which was just a bunch of toys. His toys have invaded the basement, the great room, his bedroom, and his playroom. We decided to slowly remove the stuff out of the basement because he does not like it down there that much. We bought a desk and chairs and an activity table. And a bunch of other stuff at Pottery Barn Kids.

When he read that letter during the intro, I thought it was meant for her, but when he really read it to his father, I lost it. That guy is my kind of guy. Rough, tough, and yet oh-so-sensitive. And hot as well. Loved him. I did expect him to die because all Nicholas Sparks books seem to end in some sort of death. I love that he lived and they got a second chance. I remember when I first watched it, I kep thinking about it. It was sooooo sweet. It is a movie I can watch over and over again.

B:     Yes, I cannot get the movie out of my head. I have thought a lot about it over the last couple of days. I lost it on the dad scene at the hospital as well. And lost it, again, when she was asking him to say see you later, and he said, “Good Bye Savannah.” So good. Toolman liked the movie as well.

So Oliver is having a minor surgery? Did you have to take him and pick him up? I remember when Toolman had a “minor surgery” which is what they classified his wisdom teeth removal but it was a big ordeal for me because I had to do everything. LOL.

L:     Yup. I have to drop him off and pick him up. He says he will be very much okay afterwards. I sincerely hope so because I still have to work and we don’t have help.

I love the letters that were exchanged. They sounded so sweet. What I still don’t understand was did she marry the other guy before or after the cancer?

B:     I think she married him after he found out he was sick. Toolman called it before we ever knew who she married. That part of the letter exchange was horrible, and couldn’t help but think about the real life soldiers that go through this experience and how hard it would be to cope when in combat. You know the part of the movie where he read his letter to his dad and talks about being shot and how the first thing that popped into his head was the coins, what was the last part where he started sobbing? I never got that part. Makes me tear up as I write this. Hmmm.
L:     That’s what I thought. She married him out of pity, not love. That’s quite a sacrifice. I am not sure what he said to his father. I think it was meant to be mumbled and overwhelming. What a great scene. I know that a lot of relationships where one is in the army are not very successful. I think the pressure of being away so much is hard to deal with and overcome. Most don’t make it. That is quite the sacrifice as well.
B:     Not to mention that this men and women tend to marry before their even 20 or at the latest they are in their early 20’s. That in itself is a big mistake.
L:     No joke.

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