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The Joys of New Love

Posted on: June 8, 2010

Lila:     I was at Starbucks this morning and I thought what an interesting place to watch people. I saw a couple of women gabbing about their evenings. I saw some very sleepy business people. I, also, saw a cute young couple. They must be newly dating because they were really affectionate. He was hugging her and holding her hand. He fed her a chocolate donut. So cute. Remember when you first started dating you honey and how sweet things were. Hmmmm….

Beatrice:     I do remember those days. Toolman is still very much affectionate and touchy feely, but it is me who gets annoyed by it all. I guess once I had kids I got all my touchy feely with the kids who are a constant and sometimes you just want your space. We still hold hands out and about, and he has to touch me in public, but that is who he is, whereas I am not that affectionate of a person in general.

L:     You’re not? I grew up in a family that was not affectionate, but I am with Oliver and especially with Thomas. Cannot stop kissing that little guy. My brother has become affectionate since he’s been with his wife. I guess we both changed even though our family weren’t.

I was driving and thinking about those days. It was one of those lovely mornings and I wished I could play hookie. We use to walk everywhere and take our time with everything. I miss those days. I need a vacation.

B:     I am super affectionate with my kids, more so than my parents ever were with us and they are extremely affectionate little ones. I am not affectionate with my mate though, and never have felt really the need to be. Toolman is super affectionate and I just play along.

You will be on vacation in July right? We have a week off at the end of June for 4th of July in Breckenridge. My brother and his family will be joining us too. Cannot wait. We were planning on Mexico for October, but that will all depend on a few things.

L:     I think I crave the affection. We got a huge sectional so we can both fit on it laying down. TMI?

Yup. I will be out during the first 2 weeks. I’ll be at the happiest place on earth…Hawaii.

B:     Actually I think they discovered the happiest place on earth is Vienna Austria. Which by the way is one of my favorite places, of which I have visited. They have cobblestone drives. They shut down at lunch times and everyone goes home for two plus hours, even taking the kids out of school for family time. Shopping is amazing. The arts/music and buildings are to die for. They ride their bikes everywhere and are just so happy. Would love to take Toolman there some day. I know that HI was ranked high for the states, specifically Honolulu, which was surprising as it is a busy place. I need to go to HI, and I was just thinking about this on my way home from work yesterday.

L:     I did not mean Hawaii per se. I actually am not fond of Honolulu. But our ranch on Kauai is the happiest place on earth for me. If these people could see it, they would concur it would make them happy. But they can’t, so it’s our family secret.

B:     I think after traveling I have found many of those places. A lot of it comes down to who you shared your experience with as well.

L:     That’s so true. It’s the happiest place for us because there were so many good memories.

B:     I dated a guy who would travel the world, and typically do so alone. He would call me more times than I cared for. I remember telling him that it is great he travels, however he needs to do so with someone since it is hard to be excited about these new places by himself. That statement kind of bit me in the ass because he started booking me on all the trips with him. I got to go and that was fun, however he was not the best of company.

L:     That’s not too bad. You could have said no if you did not really want to go.

Oliver and I alway say that one of the best things about having a life partner is now you have the chance to share experiences together, like going on vacations and exploring together. Awww… A new relationship is all about sharing and exploring.

B:     No, he would buy the tickets and then tell me. I am sure you can figure out who I am talking about. There was this one time he bought a Mercedes and one of their offers is to purchase it in Germany. Once it was done being built, we would fly out there to pick the car up out of Stuggard’s Mercedes plant, and drive it through Germany and Austria. They told us mile by mile where to go to end up each night at the most amazing of bed and breakfasts. At the end of two weeks you say goodbye to the car and wait for it to be shipped back to the USA. I helped him pick out the car before it was done, so he thought he would surprise me and put my name on the car as joint owner. This allowed me to go on this trip. He made me drive the entire two weeks. Germany drivers are scary, and I was a wreck. I do however envision redoing this trip with my own car and Toolman. 🙂

L:     I know who you are talking about. But you could have still said no. He did not threaten to hurt you or anything. You were just smitten by him. The things we would do when you think you are on love.

B:     You can’t really say no when he pays for tickets in first class. There were 4 times that I had school and had no way out of it and chose not to go with him. He called me early on in my marriage to Toolman asking that I meet him at his office to sign over my tickets. I told him where to go. The tickets were years old and already no good, so he wasn’t trying to get me to do anything with the tickets if you no what I mean.

L:     Stop talking or even thinking about him. You know he messes you up. He was the past and he has made you a better person because you have learned from the mistakes. Let it go, otherwise you are going to have nightmares tonight. I did not bring up this topic to discuss him. I wanted you to focus on the positives in your life. He is toxic. No more!!! Sorry to has to be mean, but I hate knowing you get worked up over this fool.

B:     Oh I won’t have nightmares and after I confronted him several months ago, I had my closure and peace.


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