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Staying Positive

Posted on: June 10, 2010

Beatrice:     Last night I had the run of the mill of bad dreams. I think yesterday really messed with my mind, with regards to the guy who sits near me and him being so badly beaten. I had dreams that my children were in danger and that we attended a funeral for a child. I kept waking up and trying to get it out of my head, but would go right back to sleep with another bad dream. I think, too, because I was talking to Toolman about the incident and then about how he is sick of not having a job . So all these bad thoughts right before bedtime is not a good thing. I was also thinking about how I need to spend more quality time with the kids vs. what I am doing now. Ugg, I wonder if all dreams have a meaning or if it is your deep thoughts of fear at work.

Lila:     I think dreams are a summary of your day and it helps you process through the thoughts and events. It is important to dream because it is an avenue to get your feelings and frustrations out.

I think you had a horrible day. Seeing that guy who was severely injured in a fight was too much for you. I, also, think you are going through a rough patch. Sucks, but I know everything will be alright because I can feel that a good change is coming. I got a lot of good, settling news yesterday and today will be a great day. Just tell yourself that.

B:     I do tell myself that everyday, but then today I was on the bus sitting in front of two men, who I heard talk the Thursday before this week about jobs and the openings they have. Crazy enough they work in Toolman’s industry. I went home that week and told Toolman about the conversation and he said he would not want to work at this company in question. I don’t blame him because the guys were really negative and spewed a bunch of crap at the same time. So today they are on the bus talking about the amount of resumes they have received for various positions. Two of the positions they were talking about Toolman does not do nor want to do, however they were  also talking about one position that he is qualified for. They stated that they received 150 applications.which made me feel discouraged, but won’t be telling Toolman about this. He hasn’t done too much this week with regards to looking for a job, and last night was feeling guilty about it.

L:     The truth is we may be out of a recession, but things will not change until the market gets a lot better. Confidence will be up. People will want to buy big-ticket items. For now, everyone is feeling discouraged. You are not alone. What about the idea of starting his own company? Do some consulting work until something more permanent comes along.

B:     He has thought of all those, it is just a matter of doing it. He has now been off 7 weeks, and has lots of good leads, a few interviews, but still waiting to get something. He just needs to be more aggressive. The good thing that has come out of this is the amount of time he has spent with the kids. You can see they enjoy him being home and they tend to ask him things more than they use to. I told him last night to enjoy it while he can, since he will never get this time back. 🙂

The work neighbor came back to work today, and the swelling has gone done a lot, but still really messed up. He told me he is more angry than anything and that he would like to find out who did it. I was a little baffled at this and he said he should have never been out that late. He was up to something.

L:     What? If he is angry, why didn’t he report it? Now they will never be able to catch the culprits.

B:     He supposedly contacted the police yesterday, who told him they could do nothing about it since he didn’t have a description. I find this hard to believe.

L:     Lies, lies, lies.

B:     Wish I was a fly on the wall during this episode.


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You know ladies if you make videos about what you talk and submit to youtube, i bet you will get alot of views and be popular as well..

Thanks Kali for the feedback. We will keep that in mind, but all our conversations are on e-mails and we hardly actually see each other because we are working. LOL. If our managers ever knew.

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