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Toolman Job Update

Posted on: June 11, 2010

Lila:     Oh, how was Toolman’s on Friday interview?

Beatrice:     He had 3 interviews last week, all with different companies. One was in CO, but the other two out-of-state. The one in Colorado is no good. There will probably be an offer but Toolman has no interest. He went to the interview up in Ft. Collins and the guy showed up 15 minutes late and was wearing shorts and cutoff sleeved shirt. He was very unprofessional and went on about how he was brought in from San Diego a couple of years ago to turn the company around, which is a red flag. They are a smaller firm, but do big business. Toolman said his gut said to stay away. He is really interested in the other two companies and basically would land his dream job if offered either of the two. Fingers are crossed.

Later that night….

Toolman received a job offer today from the place in Ft. Collins and doesn’t know what to do since he is hoping for the other two to come through. It is a pay increase and we would still be in CO. He did some calling around to find out about the reputation of this firm and has heard nothing but stellar reviews, so I think he should take it and still position himself to see if the other ones offer him something he can’t refuse. The guy wants him to start this week. Can you believe it? 8 weeks without a job and he didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. Now he is having to go back to work. Well that is if he accepts the offer. I will be a little upset if he doesn’t. The guy wanted to know his answer by tonight and is worried Toolman will take something else, so he knows he has the ball in his court and can renegotiate. Good day!

L:     Well that is awesome news!!! He should definitely renegotiate and bring up the fact that he will have to make that awfully long commute. I think that is a valid point. They need to increase the salary or give him a company car. I thought he had a bad feeling about this company? Congratulations to Toolman!!

B:     He did have a bad feeling, but what is funny is the comments came after he spoke to several guys he use to work with. However immediately after the interview, he told me all kinds of good things, so I don’t know if he was influenced by his ex-co-workers. What is funny is after he got the offer, he immediately called several people who are entrepreneurs that he has known for years in around Ft. Collins and all of them had nothing but great things to say about this firm. All general contracting firms get rated too, and the ratings are top of the line, so I think he has reconsidered. He still wants to keep looking at all his options with the San Antonio and Virginia outfit, so time will tell. His severance hasn’t run out yet and he feels great!

L:     But it sounds like these people want an answer soon. I would definitely negotiate for a higher salary and stall. I am still a little confused but at least it is a great sign he has an offer on the table.

B:     He is negotiating his salary and knows that this operations manager expects it. I told him to take it and to keep his search going to see if that dream job comes about. The idea of moving to another state was rather intriguing, but who knows. It still may happen. The guy wants an answer tomorrow, but Toolman is going to tell him he wants the offer in writing and a breakdown of his benefits and to give him 24 hours to think it over. He is going to tell him he can’t start until Monday as we are taking the kids camping. Everything will work out, just may not be as quickly as he likes. “He” being Toolman.

L:     Sounds great for you guys. See, everything will work out. If you are looking to move, what would you do in the mean time?

B:     Take it as it comes. Opportunity knocks and looking forward to the adventure of where we end up.


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