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What Happened to the Guy?

Posted on: June 12, 2010

Beatrice:     This guy who sits next to me has had a bout of bad luck. He just came in to work today with his right eye black, swollen. The same side of his face is swollen and bloody. He has a fat lip and overall unrecognizable. I asked what in the hell happened to him and he said that yesterday, in broad daylight, he was walking on 26th and Glenarm, which is 3 blocks from his home and was jumped by two guys. He didn’t even see it coming. He can not identify who did it. He didn’t go to the hospital nor call the police. I am shaking because it looks so bad. I immediately called my manager and told him to come look at it as it is horrifying.

L:     Sounds like he is hiding something. Did they take his wallet or anything?

B:     I don’t know. He is a strange guy to begin with, but I think he may have a concussion. He was told to go see our doctor on site and they told him he needs to get an x-ray and have his cut sewn up. I feel so bad for him, but yet our manager acted like “whatever”. I would think they would be more compassionate over someone looking this way. He doesn’t have family and really needs help in a circumstance like this. Going back to your comment of whether or not he is hiding something, I was wondering that when he said he was walking by this place he always goes to where this girl is at and wham next thing he knew he was on the ground. However, he lives in 5 points area, which is still not on the up and up. Remember all the stories from last summer where men were being beat up by 2 or more guys for no reason at all.

L:     I think our policies and procedures dictates that we don’t get too involved. These managers are not paid to care for us in a humane way. They do want is enough to cover their a$$es and that’s it. It sucks.

I don’t think people get beat up for no reason.

B:     Gangs beat people up for no reason, and it was a huge issue in the city of Denver last year. Enough to where they pulled in DC gang task forces to figure it out. Anyway, in this case I am starting to get the picture from some of my colleagues that he likes to drink and get mouthy, so I am wondering if this may have contributed to it.

L:     I remember that after I sent you my last response. I heard on the news that the random crimes in Downtown has increased. Makes you not want to hang out here.

This guy, though, is weird. Why would you not report it unless something shady was going down?

B:     The more people I have spoken to about his incident they all suggest he came in as a cry for help. Maybe there is something big is going on. Still shocked me and I feel for him.


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