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What the Heck Are “Moodles?”

Posted on: June 14, 2010

Beatrice:     Finally there is a name to the men that shadow a girl or a group of girls – Moodle. You see these men around but I have never had a word to use to describe them. You know the type. The guy who goes everywhere with a female or a group of girls, but there is no relationship and as far as the women are concerned and there will never be a possibility of a romantic relationship. I can think of a few guys that fit this picture, but one that you are familiar with, Mark. These men are not gay, and they think there may possibly be a love connection with one of the women. Who knows? I heard the name “Moodle” as a male poodle that accompany women most places they go. This topic was briefly discussed on the radio today. Why do you think these men who are considered Moodles do what they do?

Lila:     I think some men feel more comfortable with women. Maybe because they are mama’s boys. Maybe they hope there is a chance because it has happened it the past. The truth is these guys have a crush on one of the girls and there is no doubt about it.

B:     I agree that they are there for a reason, but I always found these boys odd. I always find myself somewhat uncomfortable around moodles and can’t help but feel sorry for them. Probably most women feel the same way, and if men knew this than those who play this role would probably grow a pair of you know what and stop.

L:     I don’t know about that. I think it is nice to have a guy around because they usually bring balance to the conversation. I get really irritated with girls some times. I think we girls make things so complicated so I like to hear what a guy has to say. My BFF always hung out with girls, but he later came out of the closet. As for Mark and other guys who have hung out with the girls, they pick and choose their outings. They don’t go shopping with us, but they do go to lunch with us. I don’t get creeped out at all. For Marl, I also think he is so used to hanging out with his sister and he’s comfortable with us. I like my moodle and I am going to keep him.

B:     I brought up Moodles because it immediately made me think of you. As long as I have known you, you have had a moodle. Your gay friend does not count as a moodle, according to the definition. Anyway, I do not find a guy in the mingle something I want. I know if I think I am going on a girl outing and a guy tags along, I feel I a little put off by it. That is just me, I like my female only time, because it is far and few these days.

L:     I love girl time and that means no-guys-please. But in general, I do prefer mixed companies.

B:     I like a mixture too, but not girl day/night with one random dude. Get a clue and go figure yourself out is what my mind tells me. Ha ha.

L:     I know the incident you are referring to and to his defense, it was not supposed to be an all girls thing. As you recall, Renee brought her boyfriend and there was another guy who was supposed to go, but since they were all on the same team, the manager did not approve the time off request. Mark was going to back out, but we talked him into going. I think it is unfair to consider him as someone who does not have balls to get a clue. He understood everything. We made him come along. He may be someone who likes to hang out with girls, but he never does girly stuff. I think that is the case for most “moodles.”

B:     Oh wow, you are talking about the movie? I was not thinking of this incident at all but now I will think about it. I called out Mark because every time I see him, he is in a group of all girls and the lonesome guy. I was thinking of several situations in my life that this has happened, but when I heard the name “moodle”, I thought of you because I know how many guy friends you have.

L:     Oh!!!! He is my avid Lost buddy. That one time you saw us, we were going to lunch to fill Mary in on what was going on in the show. They were all coming over to my house to watch the finale and we did not want Mary to interrupt us during the show.

I do have a lot of guy friends. I think it is because I don’t have a lot of girl friends. They are usually gay males though.

B:     I have a couple of gay male friends and sometimes they are easier to confide in than a girl, however they can be just as caddy.


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