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Why Haven’t They Been Caught?

Posted on: June 15, 2010

Lila:     You know I truly believe that you do not have to get marry and settle down. I think the institution of marriage is really a joke these days because people don’t respect the sanctity of marriage. I do, however, believe that it is our natural instinct to find a mate or a life partner. But have you ever wonder why some very beautiful women are not involved with someone? I know you might say, ” Well they are focused on their careers.” Maybe, but I am talking about girls who aren’t. I have a ton of girlfriends who are not involved with anyone, nor have they been recently involved with anyone, and their career lives are mediocre at best. Why is that? Even the girls from Sex and the City settled down at some point. Why are my girlfriends alone?

Beatrice:     I have a couple of really good-looking friends that haven’t settled down and not much of a career either. As far as my friends go, they are really immature and have never been good in relationships. One of my friends in particular, is a pretty big drinker. She will get the guy and they will go out on their first date, and usually he never calls for a second. I often tell her she is misunderstood because she is a wonderful person and a great soul, but just very immature. She also tends to be a know it all, for instance she is a realtor but if the guy is a doctor she will tell him how she would be a better doctor than him. She is hilarious, but I have known her since a child. Once again she has a really messed up childhood. Her father committed suicide and she was the one who found him. Her mom never got her treatment. Her mom remarried several times and big time jerks.

L:     Sounds like your friends are sabotaging their own relationships because of whatever reasons. I have at least a dozen girlfriends who are not involved with anyone and don’t seem to want a life partner. My girlfriend, Arlene, is a good example. You’ve met her at my wedding. Gorgeous and super sweet. She is charming and yet she has not found someone serious to be with. She does not drink heavily. She comes from a stable household. She has had a couple of committed relationships in the past, so commitment is not an issue. She lives in San Francisco so the dating pool is very decent. Yet she is alone. Weird, right?

B:     Do you ever wonder if these girls may be gay? I have two friends who are a total catches and have zero interest in getting into a relationship, and the men they date are total zeros! It is as if they seek out the men who will amount to nothing. I have watched them and wonder if maybe they are gay.

L:     I have, but I have a pretty good gay-dar and it says no. I have one who I suspected all along and she did turn out gay. I don’t know what it is. I think they are so happy alone and hanging out with their girls that they see no need to settle down. I would think it gets old.

B:     Who knows, I am sure there are so many reasons behind it. My cousin is a perfect example of beautiful, early 30’s, but no man and she wants to be married with kids. Her situation is that she picks the losers and wastes her time with them. She is definitely into men, but can’t figure out her life.


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