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Beatrice:     I can’t help but wonder what really happened to Gary Coleman. The media keep playing the 911 tapes of his ex-wife who called in to report the incident. She had every excuse in the book to not help this guy and then she has pictures of herself, smiling next to him while he is in the hospital fighting for his life. What creeps me out even more is the fact she was in control of deciding to take him off life support. What if she had something to do with his accident? It seems that the police didn’t do a thorough enough job to detect whether or not his death was truly an accident. So heartbreaking.

Lila:     It seems to look that way now. My question is if she was behind this, why did she think she was going to be able to get away with this? The poor guy is always being taken advantage of: in life and in death.

B:     Then she goes on interviews asking for money from his fans. What a loser this chick is. I sure hope this gets investigated. He sure did have a sad life.

L:     It takes a certain type of person to mooch off like that. Karma is a bitch is all I have to say.

B:     She is a disgrace! You are absolutely right, Karma is a Bitch for people like that!!

L:     It’s going to be like OJ and that guy Joran van der Sloot who will end up in jail for the actions they have taken. She has not even mourn his death at all.

B:     Probably, she will end up committing another crime, like the other losers you talked about. The Van der Sloot story blows my mind. He is so young and already committed two murders.

L:     The worse part about this guy is that he shows no remorse at all. He comes from a well to do family and got away with a high-profile crime. Wouldn’t anybody in their right mind just go into hiding and live a quiet, non-dramatic life? He is a total sociopath. Worse…an entitled sociopath.

B:     Which makes it even more necessary that he gets out of society.


Beatrice:     Looks like Heidi Montag finally hit her limit with Spencer. There are reports that she moved out and in with a friend and is considering divorce. I hate to say this, but I can see that guy doing something really dangerous if she leaves him for good. He has become a loose cannon.

Lila:     I read about that this weekend and I think it is part of a publicity stunt. Heidi claims in her letter that she is moving out to get some space and film her new reality show with Jenn Bunney, but she said she is not quite ready to pull the plug yet. I am sure he irritated her, but I think she is still in love with him and knows they can make more money from being crazy Speidi than average Heidi and Spencer. At the same time, I think it’s like the people involved in domestic violence relationships for her. Walking away is hard.

B:     Well that is just stupid, if they are doing this as a publicity stunt. I would not want the entire world thinking my marriage is a complete wreck.

Speaking of hot topics, did you see the baby boy who weighs 55 pounds and is a chain smoker. What the hell!

Watch the video here: Smoking 2 Year Old

L:     Well, I really think Speidi is crazy, but I also think this is now part of their ploy. With the end of The Hills, so does their income stream. They have shopped for shows, but no one wants both of them. He is a loose cannon and unpredictable. So she has to leave without leaving. Don’t you think that is plausible? I mean, who plans a photoshoot as she spends time to “reflect” on her relationship?

See photos here: Heidi’s Reflection

I have not seen it, but I heard them play the clip on Kevin and Bean. That is just so sad. Why would you give a baby a cigarette? That’s not even funny.

B:     Heidi needs serious help, maybe they should be shopping for that. He, on the other hand, is a lost cause.

Yes, this baby is over 50 pounds, still wears a diaper but can smoke. I think he should be taken away from his parents. Parents of the year award is what they deserve. Geesh.

L:     All that attention has gone to her head. And boobs for that matter.

I need to look up that kid on YouTube. What is wrong with these parents?

Did you hear the interview with Jesse James’s mistress, Michelle McGee? She claims wearing the Nazi outfit was not racist. Anti-Semitic, but not racist. What a loon?

B:     Yes, you do need to see this kid. How can he chain smoke and do such a job that he looks like a 60-year-old man who has smoked his entire adult life, but can not figure out how to use the potty? His father was quoted as saying nothing is wrong with it and he seems to be healthy. Even if he didn’t smoke the baby is not healthy weighing more than my 5 1/2-year-old son.

I did not watch Michelle McGee’s interview. She is pathetic! I still don’t see why she is considered attractive.

L:     OMG…I just watched it. This is HORRIBLE!!! How can all those people stand around and just smile at the baby? How can the mother allow this to happen to her son? doesn’t anybody care? That is not healthy. I have so many choice words to express, but I cannot get it out coherently. That is ridiculous!!!!

Yuck…you know something is wrong with her when she decided to get her face tattooed. What a freak show.

B:     The baby smoking is a disgrace. I think this video coming out will blow up in the parent’s face.

Yes, I am sure Jesse James feels like a freak show too!

Lila:     I just read this on CNN. I know the first time an experiment like this was done on kids was a long time ago. Maybe 3 or 4 decades ago. You would think things have changed, but obviously it hasn’t.

CNN article: Kids’ test answers on race brings mother to tears

Beatrice:     I don’t know what to say about this. I really hate these type of topics and really have to ask what purpose does this type of survey serve, other than create more anger. I also think it is ridiculous that they show the white girl answering the questions, rather than several different ethnic groups, just to provoke a response. Why show the children on camera at all? As to your question, do you really think things have changed? I do and I don’t, and media promoting these sort of experiments do not make things better. It is our own individual responsibility as parents and human beings to promote what is right and as parents we are to teach love amongst human beings which shows no bias.

L:     You are right. It is up to the individual parent to teach their children about differences and races. However, the mother even admitted to the problem of exposure. They may be living in an area that is predominantly white and the little girl does not really have friends of other races. It happens.

I don’t think this kind of reporting is meant to elicit anger out of people. I think it is a matter of letting the truth be known. Race is still a huge issue in America. Look at what is going on in Arizona. Look at the epitaphs that are being spewed at the Tea Party rallies. This kind of reporting is meant to say, “Let’s take a step back and look at ourselves.” We do not knowingly spread these kind of feelings.

I will be the first to admit this, I think my son is considered more beautiful on my side of the family because he is lighter skin than his cousins. My brother says it all the time when he looks at Thomas, “Wow, he is so white. So beautiful.” I am completely cognizant of this and I will teach my son to embrace all the differences the world has to offer.

We went to a birthday party this past weekend and almost all the kids there were mixed. It was refreshing and really neat to look at all the beautiful children. We are going to another party at the end of the month. We know at that party there will be mostly White children, who are equally as beautiful. The first child will grow up surrounded by cultures, but let’s not assume he will not grow up and be somewhat biased about the color of other people’s skin.

This reporting, to me, shows that there is a lot of work I have to do.

B:     I guess it is weird to me that you think about the different cultures that will be present at a birthday party. I don’t give it two thoughts, never ever crosses my mind. I was not raised to ever think of it as being an issue. We lived next door to an African-American family, a Hispanic family across the street, and my own family which are White have married into all colors of our human rainbow. I never once thought about race until I became an adult and dated a Black man who started telling me about our differences. I choose to raise my children as my parents raised us.

L:     But it is something you should think about. It is something that is there and people, like the poor lady in video, never stop to think about it and is shocked when her daughter answers the way she does. One of the biggest things that I have learned growing up and being different is you can immerse yourself in the culture, but if you don’t recognize the fact that you are not quite like everyone else, you unintentionally perpetuate the problem. Recognizing the differences allow you to embrace it and learn from it. It’s like you are sitting there eating an apple and someone hands you an orange. You know the fruits are not the same, but you eat it anyway. How will you share the pleasure of eating an apple and an orange if you don’t admit that they are different fruits? Recognizing differences is not a bad thing. It is a starting ground.

B:     I do recognize differences, and having gone to most countries of this world has taught me the big differences and I appreciate the beauties of it all. What I am saying is it is not something I think about or see when discussing the color of one’s skin. Appreciating each others cultures is quite different from wondering what color of the human spectrum is going to be in front of me from day to day or function I go to.

L:     I guess it’s different for me because no matter what room I walk in, I am identified by my skin color. You learn to always recognize that first.

B:     And that sucks!

L:     Not really. People don’t overtly judge me maliciously, but there are a lot of people who feel like an outsider who are not as easily accepted.

B:     I guess one has to ask the question, how do you know you are being judged by your ethnicity? I guess the comment “and that sucks” comes from my wondering how you know this is how you are being identified by your skin color and what makes you assume they being people are judging you by your skin color. I walk into a room and get all sorts of looks, and I don’t wonder if it is because I am a blue-eyed blonde. I just never understand this type of thinking. You said you learned to always recognize that first, and how did you learn this?

L:     I guess you never questioned it because you are most likely not the only blonde haired, blue-eyed person in the room. And I guess you’ll never really understand it because you are part of the majority. If you ask any person of color about this, they will say, “Yeah it happens a lot.” I know I am being judged by the color of my skin because without fail, someone will ask me where I am from. Of course I always respond, “California” because I cannot assume they are questioning my ethnic background. This is when they go back and embarrassingly rephrase the question to mean my ethnicity. And then they’ll say something like, “Wow, you don’t even have an accent.” That last part use to bug me so much because why would they assume that I had an accent when I was raised and educated by the American educational system. If I were raised in England, wouldn’t expect me to speak like the Brits? It’s weird.

Anyway, I am not saying you are not empathetic, but maybe you don’t understand because you are White. It’s happening. You can hate it, but it’s true.

B:     I guess it is something that I have never firsthand experienced nor really have discussed with the multiple of friends that I have from other countries and ethnicities. It came up several times with Reginald, and he was always quick to believe he was being treated differently because of the color of his skin. I was there and it didn’t happen 9.5 times out of 10, and he was the one who typically created an issue. Having met you 5 years ago I never really thought of our differences because we have so many similarities. People need to realize if you strip one’s blood and compare all of us, we are all exactly the same, it is your culture and upbringings that make us unique, which for me is why I like to ask people who they are and where they are from, not because of the color of your skin. I genuinely want to know people.

L:     I understand where you are coming from, but I don’t think you can dismiss what Reginald is saying. There are nuances that occur over and over again and you would never notice it unless it happened to you repeatedly. I know you don’t mean any harm and most people don’t either, but as Americans, we judge what we see. Unfortunately what we see most of the time is the color of someone’s skin because it is the biggest organ on a person. It’s just like in parts of Africa, the people are judged by the size of their noses. Now I rarely notice someone’s nose unless it is really big or really small, but that’s how it is.

In America, most people who we see on TV, leading us, working with us, are White and therefore we are conditioned to believe that is the norm. We, unconsciously, sway our children to judge that way. There is no malice anymore, for the most part. Ask any of your friends how they identify themselves. Your non-White friends will include in their description, their ethnicities. You won’t have someone saying, “I am a White man, father of two.” However, you will get, “I am Black mother of one.”

I just remember growing up and wishing everyday that I was White. You think I am joking, but I am not. I wanted so badly to be White so I can be like everyone else. But as I have learned, it is okay to be different. So now when someone ask me to identify myself, I’ll say I am a 35-year-old Asian woman who has a wonderful husband and a beautiful son. And I love every bit of it.

B:     You should add in there that you are a beautiful Asian woman!

L:     Thanks, B. You’re super sweet.

Lila:     I am scared of Arizona. Not only do they have the racist immigration bill enacted, but now they have the anti-ethnic studies classes. What are they afraid of?

Beatrice:     Maybe they are afraid of the illegal immigrants taking over their state? I think what this state is doing, is so wrong and can be handled in such different ways. It will be interesting to see how the White House handles it.

L:     They are not enjoying the diversity is how I see it. Can you imagine if you ate the same thing everyday? Or learn about the same boring people from within this country? We love when the Olympics come around. It celebrates all the different countries and cultures. Differences are awesome.

B:     It still goes back to the fact this state is getting away with it because two-thirds of the state approve it and are for it. The question is why?

I am all about differences. Makes life interesting.

L:     I know I don’t want to go to Arizona. I feel like our nation is at the cusp of a civil war. There are the extreme liberals and the ultra-conservatives and a war will break out soon. Unfortunately, those in the middle will have to choose a side. I hope it never gets there, but it feels like it.

B:     I don’t think this will happen, because I truly believe there are more people out there that are good and want good than there are who chose to hurt.

L:     Yes, but my version of good and your version of good is not the same as their version of good. I just don’t understand why people can be so narrow-minded and refuse to accept everybody’s differences. I hope Toolman is not applying in Arizona.

B:     There really isn’t much right now in AZ, but if given an opportunity he couldn’t refuse, we would have to deal with it for the time being.  Alot of states are boycotting AZ and I even saw where the Lakers may not play Phoenix.

Lila:     I am so tired of people doing things just for the shock factor. I mean I kind of like it because it gives us something to talk about, but it does seem to get out of hand. Two incidences stand out in my mind:

1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s rude comment to Erin Andrews. I know she said those rude things just to get a reaction out of people. And then she comes crying the next day, saying she felt bad and needed to apologize was another ploy to say, “look at me.” Turns out she never even apologized to Erin at all. Lame. I see through her. Elisabeth, you suck.

2. The Newsweek writer, Ramin Setiideh, who wrote gay men cannot accurately portray straight men is ridiculous. We all know that is ridiculous because there have been many gay individuals, who have hidden in the closet, who have played straight people. Who says things like that? Unless he wants a response. In 2010, how can someone write something that is close-minded? Ramin, you suck.

I have to admit there is a draw to shock factor. I don’t post anything on my status on FB unless it offers some sort of attention. But don’t say things to be hurtful. That stuff doesn’t go away.

Beatrice:     I think Elisabeth Hasselbeck was being honest in her thoughts. I have watched her for years and she is ultra conservative, and I think her tears the next day were only because of the horrible backlash she received, and she didn’t like it. She does not represent our age group of females and our thoughts very well at all.

I don’t know this other individual who writes for the Newsweek, but I can see a little truth to what he said. As far as the gay topic goes, I am extremely conflicted in my thoughts on this topic. Men that hid in the closet lived a huge lie, a lie to their own well-being and behind closed doors they were not portraying straight men. I do not however, ever think it is okay to write negatively about other people’s preferences, which are often times not something they can help.

L:     I know Elisabeth is ultra-conservative, but when you make such a big deal about feeling bad and wanting to apologize, then you should do it. It’s like when Kanye West said he felt bad about the Taylor Swift thing and did not apologize until Taylor called him out on it.

As for the gay actors, there are a lot out there who play straight people and have pulled it off with flying colors. Cynthia Nixon is one. Neil Patrick Harris does a pretty good job. I just think the writer is going by stereotypes and expect the people not be able to pull through. I think it is narrow-minded of him. Straight people play gay people all the time. It’s called acting and if they are good actors, they can transcend their own persona.

B:     I don’t think Elisabeth is sorry, I think she is feeling sorry for herself for the bad reaction she received.

I did not realize you were talking about gay actors portraying a straight man. The Brady Bunch father did an excellent job at doing this. I thought you were referring to real life men trying to act straight.

L:     Oh yeah, I was talking about actors. The writer for Newsweek was saying that their portrayal of straight men is horrible. The Brady Bunch dad was a good example. And the dad on Bewitched as well. Why would people say things like that other than for attention?

B:     I think there are a lot of people who say stuff for attention, and to keep their popularity or limelight..

Lila:     Sandra Bullock…OMG. That goes to show you can hide from the paparazzi. Shocker.

Beatrice:     Isn’t it cool? She is so amazing and I love that she has a very cute distraction while going through a divorce.

L:     It’s times like this for her where a distraction is needed. Good for her.

B:      I woke up today and heard it on the Today Show and the media acted like how dare she have a secret and keep something like this from us.  Meredith V.  even congratulated the rep with People Magazine for getting the interview and breaking the story.

L:     That’s where I heard it, too. Like we said before, celebrities can find privacy if they really wanted to. Just because they became famous does not mean they are not entitled to some privacy. I know some of them seek the attention, but some don’t. And those like Sandra Bullock who don’t, should not have to go to through their rough patches in public. I know I am interested, but I think we should back off.

B:      I am even more interested in how Jesse James thinks that he will one day prove to her that they can be a couple again. She will hopefully one day find her princess charming and never look back.

L:     I think Jesse James is delusional. Like Tiger, we will never look at them the same again. Both are dumba$es.

B:     I so thought he was cool at one time too, but still thought it was an unlikely combo.

Lila:      We need something to talk about. I am soooo out of ideas.

Beatrice:     We can discuss: the immigration legislation passed in AZ,  or how my manager just asked me what I thought about the draft (was humorous). 

L:     I sent you something but we can do this as well. I know nothing about the draft. I don’t understand why some people hate the Tim Tebow pick and some think it is a good choice.

B:     I think he is hot.  Which is what I told my manager too.

L:    Really? REALLY?! I think he is funny looking.

B:    No way, he is hot.

L:    He’s got a funny nose. I think he is better than Orton, but he ain’t no Tom Brady.

B:    He is perfect to me.

L:     Okay…. I don’t see it, but okay.

B:    Like the all American boy.  Ha ha

L:     I guess he is not my version of the “All American boy.” Looks like a big meathead to me.

B:     I only said that because that is what was written about him.  By the way I have always been into the meatheads.  I would say that is Toolman, but he is actually smart.  🙂

L:     Oh, okay. Do you really like him though?

B:    Yes

L:     Alright. Then I will remember to not make fun of him and his looks around you.

B:     What would you have to say about him?  I only think he is good looking, could care less about the rest of him.

L:     I would make fun of his looks. Hee hee.

B:     I am so glad we now have a photo of him on the blog.

L:     Haha. Why?

B:     Because I love him.

L:     Ha ha…NO!!!! You do not!

B:     It is funny. I have to tell you that I was reading this to Toolman just now, and I told him that I am attracted to meatheads, and how I married one.  He said, “OMG you think I look like a meathead,” and I laughed.  He immediately let me go.

L:     He had to have known he looks like it on the outside. He totally isn’t a meathead though. Maybe a superficial meathead.

B:     Believe me I tried telling him that he is not a meathead inside, just appears to be on the outside.  He said whatever and laughed at me.

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