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Beatrice:     I can’t help but wonder what really happened to Gary Coleman. The media keep playing the 911 tapes of his ex-wife who called in to report the incident. She had every excuse in the book to not help this guy and then she has pictures of herself, smiling next to him while he is in the hospital fighting for his life. What creeps me out even more is the fact she was in control of deciding to take him off life support. What if she had something to do with his accident? It seems that the police didn’t do a thorough enough job to detect whether or not his death was truly an accident. So heartbreaking.

Lila:     It seems to look that way now. My question is if she was behind this, why did she think she was going to be able to get away with this? The poor guy is always being taken advantage of: in life and in death.

B:     Then she goes on interviews asking for money from his fans. What a loser this chick is. I sure hope this gets investigated. He sure did have a sad life.

L:     It takes a certain type of person to mooch off like that. Karma is a bitch is all I have to say.

B:     She is a disgrace! You are absolutely right, Karma is a Bitch for people like that!!

L:     It’s going to be like OJ and that guy Joran van der Sloot who will end up in jail for the actions they have taken. She has not even mourn his death at all.

B:     Probably, she will end up committing another crime, like the other losers you talked about. The Van der Sloot story blows my mind. He is so young and already committed two murders.

L:     The worse part about this guy is that he shows no remorse at all. He comes from a well to do family and got away with a high-profile crime. Wouldn’t anybody in their right mind just go into hiding and live a quiet, non-dramatic life? He is a total sociopath. Worse…an entitled sociopath.

B:     Which makes it even more necessary that he gets out of society.


Beatrice:     Looks like Heidi Montag finally hit her limit with Spencer. There are reports that she moved out and in with a friend and is considering divorce. I hate to say this, but I can see that guy doing something really dangerous if she leaves him for good. He has become a loose cannon.

Lila:     I read about that this weekend and I think it is part of a publicity stunt. Heidi claims in her letter that she is moving out to get some space and film her new reality show with Jenn Bunney, but she said she is not quite ready to pull the plug yet. I am sure he irritated her, but I think she is still in love with him and knows they can make more money from being crazy Speidi than average Heidi and Spencer. At the same time, I think it’s like the people involved in domestic violence relationships for her. Walking away is hard.

B:     Well that is just stupid, if they are doing this as a publicity stunt. I would not want the entire world thinking my marriage is a complete wreck.

Speaking of hot topics, did you see the baby boy who weighs 55 pounds and is a chain smoker. What the hell!

Watch the video here: Smoking 2 Year Old

L:     Well, I really think Speidi is crazy, but I also think this is now part of their ploy. With the end of The Hills, so does their income stream. They have shopped for shows, but no one wants both of them. He is a loose cannon and unpredictable. So she has to leave without leaving. Don’t you think that is plausible? I mean, who plans a photoshoot as she spends time to “reflect” on her relationship?

See photos here: Heidi’s Reflection

I have not seen it, but I heard them play the clip on Kevin and Bean. That is just so sad. Why would you give a baby a cigarette? That’s not even funny.

B:     Heidi needs serious help, maybe they should be shopping for that. He, on the other hand, is a lost cause.

Yes, this baby is over 50 pounds, still wears a diaper but can smoke. I think he should be taken away from his parents. Parents of the year award is what they deserve. Geesh.

L:     All that attention has gone to her head. And boobs for that matter.

I need to look up that kid on YouTube. What is wrong with these parents?

Did you hear the interview with Jesse James’s mistress, Michelle McGee? She claims wearing the Nazi outfit was not racist. Anti-Semitic, but not racist. What a loon?

B:     Yes, you do need to see this kid. How can he chain smoke and do such a job that he looks like a 60-year-old man who has smoked his entire adult life, but can not figure out how to use the potty? His father was quoted as saying nothing is wrong with it and he seems to be healthy. Even if he didn’t smoke the baby is not healthy weighing more than my 5 1/2-year-old son.

I did not watch Michelle McGee’s interview. She is pathetic! I still don’t see why she is considered attractive.

L:     OMG…I just watched it. This is HORRIBLE!!! How can all those people stand around and just smile at the baby? How can the mother allow this to happen to her son? doesn’t anybody care? That is not healthy. I have so many choice words to express, but I cannot get it out coherently. That is ridiculous!!!!

Yuck…you know something is wrong with her when she decided to get her face tattooed. What a freak show.

B:     The baby smoking is a disgrace. I think this video coming out will blow up in the parent’s face.

Yes, I am sure Jesse James feels like a freak show too!

*Spoiler Alert*

Beatrice:     Hey there. How was your weekend? What did you all do? We had birthday parties, bbq’s, Tiny Town playdate and movies. We rented the movie Dear John and it was so good. We also rented Invictus which was great too. I really loved the movie Dear John and the story about John and his father. I cried a lot in that movie. Today is Brody’s last day of preschool and then tonight he has preschool graduation.

Lila:     Hi there! I am working from home today because Oliver is having minor surgery. We had a fabulous weekend. Thomas was attached to me the whole weekend. We, too, had a birthday party, BBQ, and in between the events, we redecorated Thomas’s playroom. We spent a ton of money on furniture and stuff. Then we repainted the room after he went down. It was packed.

We, also, watched Dear John. I had seen it previously and loved it so I made Oliver watched it. He loved it as well, but not as much as The Notebook. I thought the story was poignant and sweet. I did not expect the ending to be like that at all. Oliver wanted the ending to be happier and more obvious that they were going to get back together. I love love love that movie. I told Oliver I want to buy it and have it in our library.

Oh…congratulations to your little guy!!!

B:     Did you guys get Thomas a new bed? I am happy to be home today too, however I have to work Saturday.

The movie Dear John is definitely one to buy! I loved the ending, and thought it was pretty obvious they were still very much in love when he went to visit her after his dad’s funeral and once she started writing. I was so happy he did not die in this movie, because I fully expected that by the way the movie started. The part where he goes to the hospital to visit his dad and read his letter to him, and his dad finally hugs him, oh boy did I lose it there. I loved the parts with his dad, so endearing.

L:     Oh no. His crib converts to a full size bed eventually, but he is not ready to sleep in a toddler bed. We redecorated his playroom, which was just a bunch of toys. His toys have invaded the basement, the great room, his bedroom, and his playroom. We decided to slowly remove the stuff out of the basement because he does not like it down there that much. We bought a desk and chairs and an activity table. And a bunch of other stuff at Pottery Barn Kids.

When he read that letter during the intro, I thought it was meant for her, but when he really read it to his father, I lost it. That guy is my kind of guy. Rough, tough, and yet oh-so-sensitive. And hot as well. Loved him. I did expect him to die because all Nicholas Sparks books seem to end in some sort of death. I love that he lived and they got a second chance. I remember when I first watched it, I kep thinking about it. It was sooooo sweet. It is a movie I can watch over and over again.

B:     Yes, I cannot get the movie out of my head. I have thought a lot about it over the last couple of days. I lost it on the dad scene at the hospital as well. And lost it, again, when she was asking him to say see you later, and he said, “Good Bye Savannah.” So good. Toolman liked the movie as well.

So Oliver is having a minor surgery? Did you have to take him and pick him up? I remember when Toolman had a “minor surgery” which is what they classified his wisdom teeth removal but it was a big ordeal for me because I had to do everything. LOL.

L:     Yup. I have to drop him off and pick him up. He says he will be very much okay afterwards. I sincerely hope so because I still have to work and we don’t have help.

I love the letters that were exchanged. They sounded so sweet. What I still don’t understand was did she marry the other guy before or after the cancer?

B:     I think she married him after he found out he was sick. Toolman called it before we ever knew who she married. That part of the letter exchange was horrible, and couldn’t help but think about the real life soldiers that go through this experience and how hard it would be to cope when in combat. You know the part of the movie where he read his letter to his dad and talks about being shot and how the first thing that popped into his head was the coins, what was the last part where he started sobbing? I never got that part. Makes me tear up as I write this. Hmmm.
L:     That’s what I thought. She married him out of pity, not love. That’s quite a sacrifice. I am not sure what he said to his father. I think it was meant to be mumbled and overwhelming. What a great scene. I know that a lot of relationships where one is in the army are not very successful. I think the pressure of being away so much is hard to deal with and overcome. Most don’t make it. That is quite the sacrifice as well.
B:     Not to mention that this men and women tend to marry before their even 20 or at the latest they are in their early 20’s. That in itself is a big mistake.
L:     No joke.

Watch the Jesse James interview here.

Lila:     Did you watch the Jesse James interview on Nightline? I could not stay up that late, but I watched it online. What a shmuck! I don’t feel bad for him at all. I cannot believe he did that to her when all she did was love him. He claimed that it was on his own accord and he was being self-destructive. Jerk.

Beatrice:     I did not watch it, but have seen clips of it and have seen commentary by media. The commentary I read and watched was that he had shopped his interview to Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer, who both turned him down. Apparently it was rehearsed and calculated. Did it appear that way on the interview?

L:     It was hard to accept because Sandra Bullock has been nothing but awesome to him and his kids. He blamed a lot of his behavior to the mistreatment he received from his father. I can totally see how his father was a hard-a$$ to him. His father abused him physically and emotionally. I can see that happening. It was another piece evidence that showed corporal punishment does not work.

Would you, as a mother of two, ever spank your children?

B:     I am not totally against spanking, so I would not say that I would not do it and I have spanked my kids. Sometimes time out doesn’t work, nor does taking their toys away. My parents spanked me and my brother, and it got our attention. Is it something I would do automatically, no. But there are times it is effective. I think spanking is different from what Jesse James is saying his father did to him.

L:     I was spanked as well. But after a while, my brothers and I would rather have the spanking over any other punishments. This was because the physical pain was temporary and as a result I did not think it was very effective. My brother swore he would not repeat my parents’ method because he thinks it led to his anger management issues, like Jesse. My brother is very strict with his girls and they are good girls. Oliver and I have decided no spanking for now. We think violence begets more violence, but we’ll see.

B:     I think it is easy to say no spanking when you have an infant, as Toolman and I said the same thing, but we have done it and it is very affective. We have done it once on Brody and threatened E’claire with it, so it isn’t something we have done too often. I think it is a different issue if it is being done repeatedly. I remember being spanked two times in my life, and it was warranted and very effective. I do however think the discussion of whether to spank or not to isn’t really a discussion amongst most, but rather an argument. So I don’t typically join in on these topics, as I have seen it explode and I am not one who is going to judge another parent for what they deem appropriate when it comes to discipline. I don’t believe spanking is physical abuse.

L:     Like I said, we’ll see. We said a lot of things we weren’t going to do, but we do it.

I think with Jesse James, it was beyond just a spanking. And for my mother and grandmother ( not my dad) spanking was excessive. It was the way back then.

Hi everyone. Lila here. We just want to take a day off from our usual format because I wanted to express some of my personal thoughts on “Lost” and since Beatrice did not watch the show, she would not really have any input. So here it goes….

It’s Tuesday night and I am going through some serious withdrawals. Tuesday nights are great TV nights for me. Glee, Lost, V, Parenthood (yes, I am admitting to liking the show) are all on. Unfortunately, they are on at the same time so my Tivo overheats on Tuesdays. But not tonight. Lost is over and I am so sad. Never have a I been so dedicated to a show or personally invested in characters on a show. It has elicited sadness, anger, happiness, confusion, and too many other emotions to write down. But the most important feeling that has come out of all this, because of the finale on Sunday, is SATISFACTION.

Thank you Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for taking me on this wild ride, but most importantly, giving me hope. As I watched the finale, I was completely happy with how all the characters were somehow able to make peace with themselves and found each other. The joy I had when I saw that Rose and Bernard were still on the island and very happy with their simple lives. If only we can all live like them. When Jin and Sun realized that they had a child together, it brought tears to my eyes. However, when Sawyer, the bad boy of the show, found his true love, Juliet, I could not hold back. That tough exterior broke down again because he had his true love back in his arms. Everyone must have been touched.

But if I must complain about the show, there is one thing…how dare they make my Hurley cry again!!!! Enough! Stop doing that to him. I think he was the perfect choice for the protector of the island. He and his sidekick, Ben, will embark on many adventures in the future. I hope there is a spin-off of the show with the two of them and call it “Found.”

As for the sideways reality, that so many complained about, including myself at the beginning, I hope there will be a place like that for all of us in the afterlife. Everything about the show can be summed up in the last conversation between Jack and his father, Christian. They were all there because they were dead, but more importantly, they had a second chance to make peace with their own flawed lives and the complicated relationships that they had with others in their lives. Everything happened and nothing can be changed, but have faith that everything will work out in time. The writers are saying, “Hey, you can’t give up on Faith. It exists.” Faith gave them a chance to find each other and make amends with their lives. (I appreciate how the writers were careful to not identify with any specific religion because all religions really preach the same thing. That church, where the “funeral” was held, had all the religious faiths displayed around the room.) I hope that when I have passed, it will be like this. I hope I will get to see  the loved ones that I have lost to have that one last conversation with them. I hope there will be a Desmond, who will guide me along. I loved the ending so much that I would like to join the Church of Lost. It gave me so much hope because God knows, I need it. We all need hope.

So again, thank you Lost for the journey, for the renewal in hope and faith. Thank you.

Beatrice:     So did you watch Lost last night? I have never seen one episode but have heard about the show and what it is about, so I tuned in after Celebrity Apprentice was over and watched the last half hour. I am assuming that Jack’s father helped him realize he was dead and not that the others died on the plane as they escaped but that they lived life. But once they died they met at this place to find one another. His dad was a shepard? I know none of the other’s names, but was wondering if you enjoyed the ending or if you thought is was a let down.

Lila:     That is the gist of the finale, but there was so much more. The series dealt with life and death and what happens after they died.  I LOVED LOVED it!!! It’s meaning was deep and satisfying. When they first landed on the island, the audience speculated that they were in Purgatory. But they weren’t. The island was the source of life. It kept the good and bad at a balance. It was fate and free-will rolled into one. But at the end, after everybody had died, none of them could move on until they had made peace with their own lives and that is why the sideways reality began. They all recreated a world where they could meet up and resolve their issues. The ending gave me peace. And I hope the afterlife is very much like this. I think I am going to subscribe to the Church of Lost.

B:     There sure were a lot of followers for the show, but I was not one of them. Had no interest, and mainly because I don’t have time during the weekdays to even watch television.

Did you see that Bret Michaels won the Celebrity Apprentice? He has a stagger to his walk since having his stroke, and the entire time I was watching I was nervous that he was going to go into cardiac arrest. The finale was much different from seasons prior in that they did not hound him or his competition out of respect for his condition.

L:     I heard that he won. Outside of the one episode where they were raising money, I do not watch the show at all. Do you think he deserved to win?

B:     Yes, he did a very good job throughout the season. Holly won $347K in one episode, thanks to Sharon Osbourne. It was not of Holly’s doing. She did a good job too, but Bret is far more talented than she is and he is a really hard worker. He was a surprise to watch and end up liking. So the underdog from the beginning of the show and a huge upset by the end. He has a lot of respect from businessmen and goes with his gut instincts and tends to be right.

L:     How did Sharon help Holly win the $347K? I thought they were on opposite teams.

That’s nice to hear Bret won. He’s been through a lot.

B:     Sharon was the project manager for the opposite team and raised all the money, but lost as a PM that time and whatever they both raise the winning PM gets. Boy, you don’t watch the show do you? I keep telling Toolman he would do well on this show but he thinks I am crazy.

L:     Nope. Don’t watch the show at all. You are going to have a one-sided conversation if you want to talk about Celebrity Apprentice.

Believe it or not, I avoid reality TV. I like Survivor and The Amazing Race because a lot of thought is put into those shows. The Hills and The City are not true reality TV to me. I think most of it is scripted for the most part.

B:     I think there is a lot of good that comes out of Celebrity Apprentice which raises money for charities, however I prefer the Apprentice with normal people. I haven’t watched an episode of The Hills or The City this season, only read about the Hills because of Heidi. I have never liked The City, so don’t watch it. I try not to tune into MTV at all now that my children are of age where they may pick up on things I don’t want. I really only watch television on Sundays, so whatever is on I watch. Like the Real Housewives shows are on and those are a complete train wreck. Last night I watched Kendra, which I like. I am not sure why but I find that girl hilarious and genuine, so I watch her.

Beatrice:     I was listening to 105.9 this morning and Erica’s E Report talked about Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales. Apparently, his wife filed for divorce when she was pregnant with their 3rd child back in 2006 because of the rumors going around about he and Natalie Morales. He is now in hot water with his wife again, and according to the inside reports it is over Natalie Morales again. Natalie is married with children as well, and according to more reports, one of her children is rumored to be from Matt Lauer. They both work for NBC and if this is true, talk about scandal. Apparently, Natalie’s husband said he would not deny the reports either. What the hell?

Lila:     What?! It was Natalie Morales? Now everything makes sense. I had read an article about reasons why Matt and his wife were denying the affair because one of the supposed incidences occured in Vancouver, during the Olympics. They were together Valentine’s Day was their story, so how can he be cheating? Well, this puts another spin. Of course you would assume his mistress is at home or something since he is there with his wife. But what if his mistress was there as well because she had to work? Oh Natalie…shame on her. I thought she was so nice and proper. How could she?

B:     Erica’s report was the one that reported Tiger Woods having an affair two weeks before it broke, so when she has good gossip, I tend to believe it to be true. I watch the Today Show and I would have never guessed those two, as they do not even flirt not even a little bit on the air, which you know some anchors do. This has been quite the year for scandals to blow up in people’s face, so I wonder if they are next. Did you know Erica from 105.9 will be on the Marriage Ref with her husband tonight? I am wondering if it is about her not changing her last name, since this is a huge ordeal to her hubby, Jesse. I can not wait to tune in.

L:     I don’t think Erica’s report is cutting edge. I notice all her reports come from a combination of TMZ and Perez Hilton because I noticed that she covers the same things they do. I think it’s good enough though.

Okay, I will admit it. I like the Marriage Ref. It’s so funny, I think. I did not know she will be on this week’s episode. I will have to tune in.

Oh Natalie, the “Just the Facts Ma’am” had not been on the show for a bit. Maybe this scandal is the reason.

B:     I am pretty sure Natalie will be on tonight, as Erica hinted at this on the air today. As for Erica’s reports, she is obviously not getting them on her own, but she broke Tiger Woods story before TMZ and Perez H. I don’t even like to write PH’s name as I can not stand that man (if you call him that). 1 big fat ick!

I forgot to say that Erica often states she uses a source from the Enquirer, which is funny in itself.

L:     The Enquirer?! I know they run a lot of smut but I am sure most of it is true. True smut. Haha.

B:     Did you hear where the Travolta’s are expecting a child. She is 47 years old, talk about risky.

L:     I know! I read that last night. They admitted to wanting another child, even before Jet’s death. You can only hope the best for them. I would never do it, but they’re rich. You can do a lot more things when you’re rich.

B:     I had heard John Travolta say on a red carpet that he would like another son, and I remember thinking the comment was weird. This was all before his son died, and remember thinking what a strange comment knowing that his son had some sort of autism and health issues at the time.

L:     Yeah, but obviously their decision did not have to do with their age because their son was the eldest. Of course their risks are off the charts now because they are so mucher older. But you can’t help but be happy for them. I mean they lost their son. Then I think this past weekend, some man doing work for them ran over both their dogs. That is so tragic.

B:     I did read about their dogs and devastating.

L:     They need some positive news. I know they are crazy Scientologists, but they are good decent people so you want good things to happen for them. Every time I see Kelly Preston, I think about how she dumped George Clooney for John Travolta. Looks-wise, George should have been the choice. But it looks like she is very happy with John.

B:     I can not see George the kid totting marrying type, so she made a wise decision. I think John is a nice looking man, maybe not so much now, but he was better looking than George as a young man, whereas George is nicer looking as an aging man. LOL

L:    I don’t know. George has always been handsome to me, mullet and all.

B:    NO way, don’t see it.

L:    Yes, we have very different tastes in men.

B:    LOL

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