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Please, She’s Not That Big

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Watch the Lane Bryant video here.

Beatrice:     The model looks amazing, but Fox and ABC do not want to air the commercial as it is deemed to sexy. PAAAALEEEEZZZZZZ.

Lila:     Is she really that big? I think not. So she is not smaller than a size four, does not mean she is too big for TV. It’s our Christina Hendricks argument all over again. Shame on you ABC and Fox.

B:     Maybe it proves a point that this so called plus size woman is tooooo sexy for their show. She caught my attention, and I thought wow, now that is a beautiful women. Most people will think so too. The A-hole(s) that are dictating what can be aired are probably salivating when watching the commercial much like they do when watching rated R material and therefore they deem it as too risky.

L:     Well, I think the Victoria Secrets commercial are pretty sexy. Girls dancing around in their underwear. Close-up of boobies. That’s pretty risqué. I think maybe they want the controversy of not airing the commercial. I just think there are a lot of inappropriate things on TV. Pamela Anderson wearing almost nothing and gyrating with her partner is one. But they’re not banning it.

B:     Oh I totally agree, and can’t figure it all out. I just asked Toolman who he’d prefer on the television and he totally knew what we were discussing. He said hands down the woman in her bra who looked to be a size double D and killer body. I seriously doubt the two networks would be getting any complaints.

L:     I am sure they get complaints about everything. People always find something to complain about.


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